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BREAKING NEWS: Will Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio

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Run for Governor of Arizona in the Republican Primary?  He could win easily.

I think he likes being Sheriff and besides he has his hands full running a county

as big as most states.  He probably the best and most known than any Law Enforcer

in the world.  I don’t believe he is vengeful toward any other political officials who

have tried to throw him out of office for doing a excellent job.  He would take on many

More problems as the Top Dog.  I would be surprised if he Says “YES”; just knowing

he could have it is enough.  He turned it down before.

My Guess is “NO”.

Good luck Sheriff Joe.

Good Hawk

A New Series “AMERICA the land of the free for ALL”.

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AMERICA the land of the free for ALL

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As advertised on T.V., radio and all of the Medias all over

the world.  If I was poor and my family was starving in a hut

in any country: I would  head to a place where everything  is free.

I’ve seen it on the tube and the internet: free Medical Care, free

money, buy one for free, free education, free food, many jobs,

free cheap cars no credit required . Everything FRrreeee.  I can’t

take it anymore; I’m going to that place.  I’m gonna starve to death

here: what tha hell?  I’m heading for the border.  It maybe dangerous

going to this Land  called America,  “The Land of the Free for All”.

I got nothing to lose.      To be continued:

Check out the “IMMIGRATION SOLUTION” on this Web Site.

It’s on thehawkreport.com/  Really, it’s free?

See you later>

DEMOS should be run out of town in the 2010 election

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The small minority of the Democratic Party have produced an over zealous 

President and Congress.  They should have to eat their own dust leaving.

Of course, in the political world of the power of the ballot is always there

for a price.  Maybe, the worm has turned in favor of the other nematodes

called REPS. 

Politics is such a sorry business it’s a wonder we can find anyone who will

give up honesty for political expediency. The Game goes on, an on, an on

until you finally get enough.  The Media is so bias because of the money.

In politics, it’s all about winning and let’s make a deal: the people be damn.

This website tries to explore and make sense out of news an opinion.

Remember this quote:

“If you stoop to conquer, you conquer only Stoops”   2001

The Hawk is in.  

Is the EU to big to fail; Here are some thoughts


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Greece is down Graded to Junk bond status; Spain and Portugal have been

down graded also.  All of the non oil producing Socialistic states will be running

on empty.  The recession will impact Europe more than the U.S..  No growth

in the economy and nonproductive workers will cause disintegration of their Financial

base.  There are many other factors, but they are all Negative.  Tourist will not

save them.

Religion from the Middle East will have to save Europe.  History is repeating itself.

Muslins conquer all of Europe again.  Never underestimate the power of religious

directed dogma. 

Just look on thehawkreport.com

Immigration: No Law is Fair, Equal or Just

The perfectly constitutional Illegal alien law (SB 1070) will be

enforceable within 90 days.  It will now be against the law to sneak

into Arizona; before it was only if you got caught.  People have came

here for centuries and stayed;  raised a family and never broke the

Laws.  Now, if you are not a citizen; you can be arrested by local

police and deported.  You need papers if you are stopped..

As before,the Law has to be enforced and very little has change.

Check out the “IMMIGRATION SOLUTION” on this website.

A fair Hawk


The American bald eagle was recently removed from the

Endangered Lists.  This was probably was a reasonable move,

however, there is a need for new additions.  Do you have

any suggestion?

One suggestion could be ‘ THE WHITE YOUNG AMERICAN MALE”

He has almost been non existent other than moving to Miami

Beach or other sunbelt retirement areas and becoming kept

gigolos of rich older women.            

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  • This is probably not the original use for this enacted law, but

people need protection too. 

Thanks for reading this rant.





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E-mail thehawkreport@Gmail.com


This is an offer to solve our border problem with Mexico.

The following is information that can be used by U. S.

Government to the advantage of both countries.

I advocate that both the United States and Mexico control the

border more effectively as it now exists without a billion dollar

fence.  Both countries needs to negotiate a “Border Crossing

Agreement” accommodating for legal and illegal persons.  Legal

persons would have less difficulty on leaving or entering.  Illegal’s

would be processed and identified and/or a choice of a “New Tech

Monitoring Device” or returned to the country of origin by the lest

costly means.



How to do this would be similar to  the way our 50th state “Hawaii”

came into being.  Hawaii a beautiful island voted to be part of our

United Sates of America over a period of 15 years.  Let’s work out

a agreement with Mexico.


Mexico has a lot to offer in the future for this country.



(I will go into great detail on this web site.)

Wake up Lawmakers: Real Tax Reform “The Net Worth System”

Especially Congress and the present administration.

It’s on thehawkreport.com/  You got the fax; so check it out.

Web Master Hawk

Wake up Arizona Lawmakers: Real Tax Reform “The Net Worth System”

It’s on thehawkreport.com  You got the Fax, so  check it out.

Web Master, Hawk

Breaking News: Arizona’s newly signed illegal alien Law.

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It didn’t use to be illegal Now it is.  Before you could sneak across the border

and you really broke no laws.  Arizona is exercising States Rights, but it will be

shot down I’m afraid  because immigration is the purvey of the Federal Law.

Courts to decide  this one later.

Click on “The Immigration Solution”  on thehawkreport.com/

Ill Eagle


Is the U.S. to big to fail? Obama to test us.

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We will see how far this Democratic Congress will let him Fly.

I’ll say one thing He is on another road less traveled.  If he

is a true American we should see real political audacity take

hold and I don’t think he has the tenacity or guts to carry it

to the dead end.  A more comprehensive policy must prevail

if are to survive.

That’s my opinion.




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Map picture

The geological record of the crust

of the Earth tells

the real story of the evolutionary changes at this time.

Anyone who has a basic course in Geology will question

the experts with their save the Earth at all cost by special

interest groups and their extrapolating computer models.

Oh, what fools we see in our midst?

THERE ARE (2) things you need to know about “WARMING”.


What’s happening is”CHANGE”and here are the reasons”WHY”.

(1)    The world’s population is increasing rapidly.

Over half (3 Billion) of the Earth’s population lives

in Asia and they all breath out Co2;  Also, they will

have more cattle and cars ,etc.  That’s more of a

humongous threat than the 300M  people and 1B cars

in the US. SO..

(2) Even an idiosyncratic person like Al Gore who is

looking to maintain his place in the Sun thinks he is

going to make us save the Earth. Save at what costs?

Only the next few centuries of human population will

“GO” by the Fallacies of their ways, like starvation and lack

energy or sun to keep warm.

More (3)     The Earth’s natural diastrophism causes the changes

of heating or cooling and not by the small human endeavors.

These changes can be swift or very slow, but nature will

move to a balance.  The absence or presents of man makes no difference.


Why is President OBAMA moving so fast with his Progressive Legislative agenda?

Could it be for some reason he thinks he may not last out his full term.  We know so very little about him.  I’m sure he knows and other people all over the world know something, but they are not talking.  Hmm, Sure strange?

He is the Legally elected PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, so what’s the cover up.  Maybe, He needs to hurry up and get the country on track before some one squeals or smells a rat.  Some words are out , but not much and no one cares, Yet?

The NOSEY Hawk


We will see> thehawkreport.com

“World’s Greatest Excuses” coming to thehawkreport.com/

Sample:  “I can’t work I just ate”; another “I can’t work I just got paid”, also more fun stuff on “Hey Sticky”

More on this website>


Here’s how to change the Present Tax Code(27,000 pages to 2700). Let’s change the tax you pay to your “Net Worth” at 1%? Nothing else; you can make all the money you want and everybody pays on their assets.


It.so on thehawkreport.com/ NOW!


Would you pay 1% taxes and make all the money you can and want? Here's how: The "Net Worth System" One bottom line digit for the IRS. It's on thehawkreport.com/ "Fair Taxes, Real Tax Reform "

Check it out ; its so good and easy you won’t believe it.  Everybody should pay taxes; now they can.

Tax the ones with the ability to pay.

Tax days would be the best day in the year,

Good Hawk

Whoa: Don’t rule out Hillary! Supreme Court : Who will be selected by Pres. Obama; Here’s a thought?

Since most appointments by Obama have been the least qualified and most inept; it should be

JANET NAPOLITANO, Another Woman and former Governor of Arizona and now the Secretary of unmanageable Homeland Security. This would fit right in with his appointments so far as non business and government bureaucrats.

This fast moving  ACCIDENTALLY elected President has had a lot on his plate. Since he didn’t think he had a prayer for

winning.  I’m afraid the next (3) years we will be headed down the yellow Gold Road.   Remember, My Saying “I can Handle FAILURE; It’s SUCCESS that gives me trouble”;  BY “Hawk”

Worried, you bet?

Check out: “Wake up America”, “Fair Taxes, Real Tax Reform”, “Healthcare Reform” ON thehawkreport.com



Wake up America! POLITICS is about winning and let’s make a deal.

It’s not about Morality.  It’s about getting enough votes to pass legislation (good or bad) and it is legal

According to the LAW, WE THE PEOPLE are left to deal with it accordingly (That means by the rules0.

Unintended circumstances usually erupt and cause THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS to wither.

Some times the government is just to big and helpful. 

More to Come on thehawkreoport.com/


Are earmarks good for getting Congress to pass a Bigger needed Bill?

We will check this out SOON on thehawkreport.com/


You pay .10 cents in Sales Tax on every 5.00 Dollars you spend on food now.

This is to bailout BIG local government.  Seven-five per cent (75%) of all property taxes goes

for Education and  Law enforcement.  The Local governments operate on Special Fees and

Taxes and Consumption Sale taxes.  WHAT’S  The problem?  It looks like too much is being

spent on education and law enforcement.

You pay .55 cents in Total Sales Tax on $5.00 Dollars.  “The Net Worth Tax System”  on income

would “Lower” most all other taxes you pay.  This is the best way out of this dilemma; if we

don’t do something  soon State governments will fail.  It’s pretty simple Just change the

Bottom Line number for paying income taxes to “Net Worth” and you can make all the money

you want and you pay less than 1% per cent on what you own.  If you spend all your money and

don’t accumulate  any wealth ; you pay no income taxes.  What a boom to consumer spending

and the economy?

You could even cheat on the bottom line , but you would have only one page tax returns for the IRS.

Basically every thing stays in place in the present tax system .  So, get happy, it’s a coming

on “Fair Taxes: Real Tax Reform”.

Remember, The New Net Worth Tax System”. 

We will check this out more on tnehawkreport.com in the future.