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Charge a fee for CHECK-IN AND CHECK-OUT; Like $1000 for entering

and leaving.  The coyotes charge $2500,; let’s offer a deal. 

This is ridiculous to continue this legal standoff .  Doesn’t the Federal

and State legislatures have enough expertise to write a simple Law

that takes care of this problem.  I’m begining to think they don’t

want to do anything. 

Immigration Solution on thehawkreport.com/

Wondering Hawk


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Oil is a natural substance and will be  accommodated into South shore

Area; but maybe not inland.  There will be some damage, but not as advertised

on the Media.  The Washington Bureaus will sue and fish industry will sue;

Environmental will sue and Congress will sue.  Everybody will sue BP for

messing up our beautiful coast and the media will blast us for years and

years, but the Earth will get back to an as is new balance.

BP will pay dearly in monetary expenditures; maybe, we can learn from this

mishap.  People in charge are not responsible; it is a technical problem.

Mealy mouths will blame hypocrites who use oil as an energy source and will try

to change (pass Laws) against any progress we have made for the future of the

human race.  We will survive this wake of floating oil.

More on oil on thehawkreport.com/

“I think I Landed in some oil”.

Good hawk

FROM DAY ONE we been watching the oil come ashore

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Yes, we have been busy trying to figure out what to do. 

Remember we just won an election an we were trying to enjoy

our victory.  We need some time to have some fun and spending

some of money on what unemployed appointees do “From Day One”.

We winners know how to “Run “ , but running the nation with impunity

is like work.  Who’s running the country into the ground and blaming others and

ordinary people. 

From day one, this administration has no leadership ability and has no sign of

of improving.  One disproving statistic is “The Obama Regime” will be below

30% in the polls.  Maybe, after November this group of rag tags will finish robbing

the treasury will be unemployed again.


Day one.



Year 2001

The only 4 word Quote with  “Always” twice.

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FOX NEWS is the only Media Network reporting what is going on

in Washington, D. C..  The people need to know so they can Protect

themselves from the central government.  Just repeating the accolades

of the politicians with one sided debate and no real understanding

of the consequences is not acceptable.  There is a recourse for eliminating

indifferent LAWS and Lawmakers;  we can vote them out in November.

Great comments on thehawkreport.com




BY: e. e. c……..

Here is little effies head her brains are made of gingerbread,

When the judgment day comes,  God will find six crumbs,

Stooping by the coffin lid,  Waiting for something to rise,

As the something always did,  Imagine his surprise,

Bellowing above the general noise, “Where is Effie?  She was dead,

and back to God in a tiny voice,”My name is MAYBE;  first crumb said,

Where upon the other five crumbs chuckled,  As if they were alive,

And Number Two crumb picked up the song,“MIGHT,  I’m called,

I’ve done no wrong.   Cried the third crumb”,  “I am SHOULD,

and here is our little brother COULD”.  “And our big brother WOULD,

Do not punish us, for we’ve been good, “And the last crumb with some

shame, Whispered unto God,  “My name is MUST,  and with others,

We’ve been Effie, who isn’t alive,” Cross the threshold, have no dread,

Lift the sheet back in this way,  Here is little Effie’s head,

Her brains are made of gingerbread.

Proposal 100 should pass for better or worse

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for a few kids and the physically incapable of surviving.

Their are some real needs in this initiative.  The AZ State Budget

can’t except a 20% cut across the board; I know they have committed

contractual agreements and they can’t  renege. That’s the way it works.

Then you throw in the Teachers Union and the all the Public Service Unions

(70%: they don’t take the hit) to  really get the relief you want.

The real reason is to get $1B for the State Budget deficit funded because

the legislature makes  laws requiring spending even in downturns with

no built-in safe guards.  How about a “Disclaimer Clause” In money bills.

Who’s going to vote for this  initiative?

There are  people with pocket book interest.   With only 22 Per cent of voters

turning out in this middle of May election;people in public service and families

with children.  They have been giving themselves cost of living raises every

2 years for over 20 years.

Who’s going to vote against this Proposal 100?

Voters with no children and the elderly. 

Well, There you have it folks!

Check out other important Issues on this Website.


U.S.& OIL–Launched the World from the “Dark Ages”.


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The Earth the way we know it today is due to pioneer Texas Oil Wildcatters and

Icons of the world oil consortia’s who were willing to gamble everything on finding

oil and producing almost everything that we use today from it.

Before OIL all inhabitants of of the Earth had was charcoal, coal(soot), animal fat and

whale oil.  Even the so called “Industrial Revolution”  really never took off; until oil.

The last two thousand years nothing really happened except religion; people

walking around in sandals preaching the gospels of prophets and trying to stay

alive till the age of 30.  The only thing we had before oil was death; Oil saved more

lives in the last 100 years and did more to shape the Earth than any known factor.

Until.The “Great American Oil Exploitation” turning civilization into a viable

livable earth there was no need for big business or production of food.  If oil had not

happened there would be no motor transportation, no drugs, no agriculture, no

plastics, no sneakers, no cars or planes, no electricity, no streets or highways, no

environmentalist, no vacations, no oil cartels, no wealthy Sheiks, no space program,

no yachts ;no homes and none of anything to sustain life/

We would never have been born.

Just think, a bunch of Texas cowboys made the world the way we know it today.

We came a long way and the world moves on oil.

The Hawk has Landed on an oil spill,  Gosh, Oil man I need a cleanup.


Thank You, Oilman

GOLD is an almost useless commodity

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The arcane mystic precious metal has very few practical

uses such as Jewelry and coinage.  Tons of gold are available

for hoarding at it’s present elevated price is not a sound strategy

and is almost as bad as hoarding dollars.

Gold fever is in the air and  “Gold Bugs” are ecstatic about the

demand and the rising price.  The U..S. has unloaded most of their

supplies at less than $500 a troy ounce because that was a fair price.

The $1750 troy ounce has been caused by troubled conditions in

world monetary markets and this has caused an artificial demand for

gold.  There are better life sustaining commodities than gold.

Besides, Gold bars make your mattress lumpy, but I feel better

knowing I got it just in case I need It.

Don’t touch my gold plated Hawk.

Where do I get some of the Stuff.


Europe is being conquered by Religious Dogma


Organized Islamic  immigrants  are taking over the declining countries of

of western Europe.  History is repeating itself as religion takes control

of  economically weak and corrupt governments.   Expanding immigrating

cultures with Polygamus extending families with many young children will

end the civil freedoms and launch an Islamic hectic regime.  This is a world

wide movement with millions of young Muslims under 20 years of age ready

to move and is intended to take over North America.  As, other countries

become targets of the Islamic take over; it will become more evident as the

Fatima is cooking in the pot.

More Religion notes on thehawkreport.com/

Good Hawk

Kagan likely President Obama Supreme Court Appointee

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Must be something there as his former Law Professor. It

must be payback time.  I bet that was a surprise to her’

You never know who could be elected to High Office Now days

She’s probably the least controversial on the list: she may be

easier to confirm.  A female lawyer from Harvard is about all you

could expect from Liberal Obama.

Testing the legal waters on the Court will be coming with an out

control President.

Unimpressed Hawk`

The Minority have Elected their President; The rest are Racist

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Obama as the Black President represents less than 20% of the Country;

that means means 80% of the country who want to have discourse

other than justice to minorities and poor are racist.  No Ethnic or

variance opinion is acceptable according to “The Law”. 

To Change this tremor in the land reasonable people should know

that ideally “No Law”  is Fair, Equal or Just.  Extremists will always

be around to promote the down trodded for their own fame and

self greed.  The endless promotion of “All men are created Equal “ 

is not true.  Just look around; It’s not true.  Viva Difference.

Great stuff on the hawkreport.com

Equally concerned


Socially Unacceptable Behaviors Abound

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Who decides what is correct in a so called free society.  It

certainly not the people most effected.  The real change has

come in the form of personal decadence of mind and body.   We

are left with unchartered and unbelievable outcomes .

Religion has dominated the culture of social conduct forever,

now we are in conflict with its teachings of goodness and harmony.

You want to blame someone.  Public exposing on TV and the Internet.

Once you say or show anything on any digital service you are

forever stuck with it.  Even,If you are just great;  the lawyers will

dig up in their criteria in past defamatory winning files to ruin you

for life. 

I hate political correctness; it’s so Crude.  I would like to have something like

practical correctness or ethical correctness.  How about the incorrect

correctness Color line that lifts its Brand of social injustice.

Things have to get better; We only have one way to GO and that is UP>


Reiterating Hawk

May 2010

How does China DO It in a growth and expanding Economy?

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They produce products people will buy all over the World.

They have the workers, resources and can acquire production

equipment with modern operating systems.  They make almost

anything  at half the manufacturing cost.

The most interesting part of their production line is specialized

units in small shops and homes.  The first costs are phenomenally

low and are assembled in large plants. This type of  operations should

be easily maintained because of inclusion of the masses.

This Communistic and  Capitalistic form of economy will be very good

for China for decades.


They Train in the U. S. and they confiscate American ingenuity and have very little research cost.

They can make out easily from the stupidity of  U.S. trade policies.  China can own US in 10 years.

Happy thoughts.

Only a BS, Hawk


ENDS-Endangered Species- New List

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The young white Male should be added to the list because

50% can’t find jobs and are leaving raising kids to their deserted

mothers. This is similar to several years ago when Blacks run away.

Where is the OEEOC when you need them?   

Short List?

More to come.


The way to make the Economy Boom immediately


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is to Change the way income taxes are collected to”The Net Worth System”.

You can make all the money you can and pay no income taxes if you don’t accumulate

any assets.  If you go to the store and buy groceries, you pay no income tax.  If

take a trip around the world : no taxes;  If you buy a new house and it deprecates

50% per cent: you pay only on half the amount.  It you make a million dollars and

spend it or lose it all>  You pay no income tax on that amount.  You pay only when

you  create “WEALTH”.  All other taxes can still be deducted.

I can’t believe no one has seen this as the way to clean up the Tax Code .

If you think this is possible, Let’s let the powers that be (Congress) to

consider it.

All this is on thehawkreport.com/

Real serious.


Spending by Governments is the only way out

Depending on political primadonna’s to solve any problem at any level

of government is folly.    These agencies  have to go out in the Private

Sector and contract to get anything done.  Don’t the powers that be

understand that they should nurture the entrepreneur to save there own

future.  Managing the Budget is the most important responsibility for the

Congress.   No matter what the other two branches do (they just sign off)

Congress is the one with the money.  so, let’s let those “Babies” in the

House and Senate know where they stand with the voters on election day.

Misrepresented form is not the way out of this mess.

A rare Bird.

Good Hawk

The Hawk has taken flight….^^^^^^^^^^.


First hand view of the oil platform accident and some speculation

on the outcome. I was around oil Exploration in the past.  I could

offer some knowledge of Geology : it was my major in college.

This would be a new direction for the Hawk.

More to come.


Florida Senate Race: Rubio Should Win

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This political Race shows how our elected Neanderthals get the feel

of Napoleonic importance.  They really are servants of  a few voters

they represent: this does not include themselves, pas se.  Personal honesty

and humility is given up for political expediency; so they can maintain

their  “Grand Lifestyles”.  Scrounging for money ; lying to  people to get

reelected and any other devious means is considered to be Just fine.

Being a loser is a “Character Flaw” for really big egos.


A Liberal Motto:  “If you stoop to conquer, You conquer only Stoops”.Hawk 2001

Now, What can you do about it?

Quote:  “Never vote for an incumbent” Hawk 2001

Another quote: “I can handle failure; Its success that gives me trouble”.Hawk 2001

“How ‘bout that RUBIO?  “You got a race,

Good luck Buddy”  You got to beat the REPS.and the DEMOS.

This Bird talks?  on thehawkreport.com/ Wake up America”.

Hawk in flight…^^^^^^^^^^

WARNING: Election Day is a coming. Any Democrat could lose.

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On election day, any Democratic with an opponent could be out of office.

According to the consensus, they have committed Hari- Kari.  Their only hope

is to call off the Election.

If things don’t change or get any better soon; we could be in for a major struggle.

If the Democrats are to remain in power the options are not for us as a Free nation. 

If they take the loss and move on; it would be best. I’m not sure?

All you want a be politicians get your name on the ballot.

The Hawk is looking out there in the future. 

Run, Hawk, run.