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ALERT__E-DAY will be in about 10 DAYS.  The most important day in your life.

The day when you will know iF this country is to remain a semi-free Republic.  The day

you will know if you will become a total dependent of the government or a person of free will.

FREEDOM has a price ;.  What’s your sell out price?  The average citizen  personal  sell out price is 220 thousand dollars.

What is your vote worth; your country, your soul or your life to be free of tyranny.

The power of the state will kill your will to function as a Citizen

Hawk the ‘FEARSOME’

FREE MONEY: Who’s handing it out and who’s getting it? on thehawkreport.com/

The government (Congress) of course, of course: with it’s social programs, personnel service salaries and pensions,

Health Care mandates, financial bail outs and Tax Breaks, Defense programs etc. etc. all to many to mention in a few words.

Who’s getting it?  Firty per csnt (50%) of the people on the (state and federal) government payroll and  welfare programs.

Here’s how to get your share of the billions of printed “PAPER DOLLARS” .

There are some businesses that have a lot of free money and they can hire many employees.

Here are a few of the biggest: (1) Insurance Companies (2) School and education entities (3) Advertising and Media

(4) Big oil conglomerates (5) Churches and Universities (6) The Stock Market and Banks.  Now, All big business can

be sued for free money by the ” Trail Lawyers ” .  They have the winnig criteria in their files to win in court.

Free Money Again.

All you need to do is figure out how you want to get it.

Check out thehawkreport.com for other good stuff  like “America the land of the Free For  all”

Find the way,

The Hawk

on the list

New Saying: “”If you teach your kids how to think: they become “INDEPENDENTS”.””

Are maybe even  “Conservatives”  This comes later in life even after they have survived the Public Education System.

Liberals should be careful  about educating kids to think;  they should indoctrinate them so the thought process

can never rears it head again.

I think I want everything for NOTHING.

Old Bird<


KIDADOODIES is on thehawkreport.com/ News and Information you can use every day.about the depression.

Oil,Gold and Markets to to drop this month.
Take a peek?

Pretty Bird

“OBAMALAND ” Is on thehawkreport.com/ Right Now!

Check it out? Hawk

DON’T SELL THE DEMOCRATS SHORT. They have the incombency.

The Democrats are expected to spend over a “BILLION”DOLLARS; While, the Republicans have only 400 to 500 Million to spend. They are loaded and getting stronger.
Who will vote for them? Here’s the break down from their base plus: Hispanics 30%, 15% Blacks and the “UNIONS”. They have all ready bought off the unions; so you can fill in the outcome.
I predict the Democrats will do a lot better than “the great take back the country Junkies” are predicting.
Remember, all the minorities have a vote and they are voting.
This country will continue to be run by the minorities. It has nothing to do with color anymore: it’s about the power of the vote.
They rich and powerful have been thrown under the bus.

This is “OBAMALAND”.Now

The Change that you didn’t want or did not expect has happened right under you nose..
The great ” American Dream” is waiting for Obama to hit the lever and flush it down the toilet.
We will look back and wonder Why, Oh!, Why?
The Congress has let you down.
Live on “AMERICA”

The hawk has flown^^^^^^++++—-…..plop?


Have I missed something, the States are going broke because of government

over spending : so we can buy the teachers union 6m voters now.  The teachers

have been voting themselves an increaases every 2 years for the last 20 years

If the democrats continue this tactic of  paying off the voters they should be in

power forever.  

Sad omen for our country and the days of wine and roses are about to end.

A different experiment or maybe a repeat of the old failures.


Peeping? World Markets to “Bubble Down” during the next Four months/Check it out on thehawkreport.com@HawkBrown

The U. S. stock market should be down when it is up and up when it’s down.

It only reflects the trades made by big Institutions and market traders with

super  computer trades.

That’s the nature of the beast.  It is overvalued considering  all the negatives

in the economy.   The reason the stocks are up is because the companies have

laid off workers and free money from the stimulus.

All world markets get hit by the September/December melt down this Year, but they are up because of QE3.  Money creates Money and we got to get money when you can.

The 1012 Elections could depress world business activities could cause a big dip in oil, gold and stocks, maybe a Depression.

If the DOW goes down and average of 100 points a day the market will be at 9500 by the end of the year.

Hold on to your bird seed money.



Yada Yada Happy