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MEDIA BIZ_NPR and PBS supported by Taxpayer dollars/on thehawkreport.com

Can you believe, At least 50% of the money that Public Broadcasting Networks spend

comes from the U.S. Government in various grants and direct subsidies.  The rest comes

from Private Endowments and Individual Charities  This gives them an immediate political

bias in reports and content for journalist to read.  This takes a narrow view hoping to promote

governmental policies.  This is not the FREE PRESS as spoken of in Constitution.  When the

Money comes from the government; they expect the reporting to be non-critical of all news

and facts.

The important fact about this scenario is they would go out of business if they didn’t get

the money.

I like NPR and PBS.  even though they are just parrots for the U.S. Government.

When you know whose  paying the bills; it makes a difference.

The parrot. Hawk

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AMERICA has created a governing System to good for the Masses/on thehawkreport.com

A few Pilgrims running from  Serfdom (slavery) and religious (Servitude) fanatics to establish

a better life.  Seeking to developed a society where the People could be free  of  masticating

religions and inhuman rulers.   Setup a means of governing;  so a young Nation could survive

the destruction of the human race.  Even with THE PREAMBLE, THE U.  S. CONSTITUTION and

THE BILL OF RIGHTS. we have let it slip through our grasp because of Fear and Moral

ineptitude.   Bless my soul!

Where are all of the Beautiful Americans ? They aren’t on TV or in Politics or the movies any more.

Legal morass(political correctness) has made it  impossible to provide for the Pursuit of Happiness.

Flying too low,

Op, Hawk

REP. CASTLE should endorse CHRISTINE O’DONNELL or He is Old Goat Cheese

Old politicians never die ; they just Hang around “til they Stink>.

“Das Boot”  is his remorse and  he can exit like a real Class act.

He has nothing to gain;  the people deserve to know if this man is

a real sore head?

Words and actions do count even in Politics.

A real Bird.   Hawk

Nobody reads this Stuff any way?

Fax 1-623-466-0187

OBAMA’S small business legislation to be signed tomorrow

Guess What?  Big Fat Corporations With Billions of dollars in Assets will be helped by

this Political boondoggle.  One such company with over a 100 Billion  will get

$5000 dollars right away.  The  smaller the company the wait a is  little longer.

Just think a 30B dollar BILL supposed to help the little guy has run a muck in it’s intent.

I would mention the World Wide Engineering , construction and production conglomerate;

but I don’t want to be sued.

And YOU thought nobody read my Website.

Hawkish Hawk

How to watch TV? Turn off the sound and peek occasionally and more/All ADS All the time

If the picture doesn’t appeal to you ; it must be a commercial.  Who wants to

watch auto insurance ADS all the time (nothing  over and over).  Maybe in

between their incestuous bantering to get in your face and brain; the sellers

will get smart enough to stop trying to get the 6% increase of dummies to buy

their product.   Of course, that’s the way advertising works and increase of a

small per percentage keeps AD Agencies  in business.

And, All ADS on any TV or Media has to be POLITICALLY CORRECT OR THE


Also, They also can be sued for anything because they have deep pockets.

Sometimes. I wonder  why bother.

All the government regulations and deadlines and paper traps; you need

all kinds of expensive  free money Insurance.

Feeling Safe, Hawk

PUT ON WATCH__ U.S. STOCK MARKET just ran out of gas/ on thehawkreport.com

Uncertainty abounds for Sept 2011, what makes the numbers work  is the activity of Traders in the Pits.  They bid up a 100 shares of a stock and see if they have a buyer: if they don’t have a buyer they buy it back.; no cost to them.  The BID and ASK price is always available.  It is like an auction.  However,they keep this up all during the market hours and after hours: it’s like a fixed auction.  They have to balance out at the end of the day with their desired gain.

HERE’S THE PROBLEM,  They are running up the DOW and others with 1/3 (One Third)

of the buyers of a normal daily market.  One other thing, the traders and INVESTORS are manipulating

the market by FLASH trading..

HERE”S THE OTHER REAL PROBLEM,  The market needs more real buyers than sellers

for it to to go higher.  Like in a recession their are less buyers and too many  sellers.

As you may have guessed, the Markets defies all reason and you are wasting your time

reading this brief message.

OVERLOOKED. Maybe the market is looking ahead to the November election.

ONE THING I KNOW, the traders all make money and you need good inside information.

OTHERWISE, It’s crap shoot.

A fickle Hawk


NEW_FAIR TAXES: REAL TAX REFORM/”The Net Worth Tax”/on thehawkreport.com/

“The Net Worth System” No taxes on Income no matter how much you make. Better than the Flat Tax proposal and the Consumption tax.

CHECK IT OUT: Just type “Taxes” in the upper left block.

Fax 623-466-0187

Democrats are Down and will be Dirty: They would like to call off the election.

The Demos are sore losers.   They should be  run out of Washington and be ordinary citizens for a while, and not allowed to be a lobbyist.  Falling off the gravy train would  deplete  their political influence and they could be unemployed  again.  Maybe. they could go back to a Liberal university “think tank’.

The Democratic Party has missed their chance to for a coalition and  should shrink because of their aggressive

Policies.  The Democratic Congress is guilty tearing up the U.S. Constitution.  I believe this will cause anger and

violent upheaval of the betrayed.


They don’t desire the VOTE  of informed citizens.

Vote for your “LIFE”


LATEST UPDATE: REPUBLICANS need 10 baby Senators. Voters are Mad as Hell/on thehawkreport.com

TEN TO BE ELECTED:  Nine more pending follow al0ng before Nov. 6th.

(1)      Josh Mandel (R) Ohio, Best Choice

(2)      Todd Akin   (R)  Missouri

(3)      Ted Cruz   (R)      Texas (A good Choice)

(4)      Richard Berg (R)  N.D.

(5)      Richard Mourdock (R)  IL

(6)      Denny Rehberg  (R)  MT Best Choice

(7)       George Allen      (R) VA

(8)        Tom Smith       (R) PA  (Mr. Smith goes to Washington)

(9)        Tommy Thompson  (R) WI


More to come.

Just type “Republican” in the Search space on this  Website and get all the  meaningful political comments.

There’s something for everyone and it won’t waste your time.

A Flight Plan for Congress.

Ah  Hawk



The “GOLD BUBBLE” is about to burst : 5 times the price to produce it/

Gold is a traders paradise to so called investors.  Who’s going to eat the price difference when it drops?

It won’t be the traders or the Bullion Marketeers; it will be the holders of the almost useless metal.

Their is big money to be made  here (1) melting down old jewelry at 10 cents on the dollar; (2)  manipulating the

Commodity sales by large Dealers (3) Advertising extensively that the price is going up.  Who would want hold it

if the price went down?

We have had our share of’ SCAMS ‘ lately.

The “Gold Bugs’ will not need a bailout; they know how to get out before the bottom.

A gold bugged Hawk

Oh, I think I been  Scammed, Damn====/

Type “GOLD’ in the search space for more on gold on my Website thehawkreport.com

NEW_Christine O’Donnell will make a great Senator for Delaware compared to the past choices of the voters

I like her and I believe she can be a ‘Reality Check’  in the U.S. Senate.  She will speak out  about issues with a honest ring that the old ‘BOARS AND BAGS’  only confide with their spouses.   She has persistence by running against “Old Joe” three times.  The Democrats should pick-up on her as better than any thing (C. Coons “The Pet”)on their ticket.  She has some warts (Who doesn’t?) and the Democratic  Media will  vilify her as a  imperfect ‘Sweetheart Witch”.

The BEST Thing  going for Her is “OBAMA and the Democrats”.

She is very right on the issues and I hope she does it this time.

She doesn’t have enough political power or savvy right now, but the ruthless Liberal Media will give her the push she needs to win.  The negative bias  of  a few jerky TV commentators will diminish  their own credibility; hopefully, they beat her up so much:  she will be a better Senator.

A Footnote: On election day She had 50K ; today she has over a Million, really/

Watch out Demos this “Target” is your Waterloo/

Where’s my mail in ballot?

Fax 623-466-0187

A  Hawky Bird

GOLD is a useless comodity; it’s only uses are jewelry and coinage.

Sorry, It is good for hoarding .

Check it out on thehawkreport.com/

Where’s my gold plated Hawk?

U.S. MARKET predictions are on thehawkreport.com

All good comments you can use.  Type “Stocks” in the search block upper left.

Stocks should dive 20% before the end of 2012.

The Hawk

The Unbelievable U.S. STOCK MARKETS.. Why and Where’s it going?

Why is it too high?  Maybe too many $50 stocks.  It’s going up and down on a line >  Traders and Professional Funds using computer models with fractional small trades to make money.  The smallest daily VOLUMES  in history is not a healthy sign.

The U.S. Treasury and Government Overtly backing all areas of the financial business leaves the market artificially suspect to slumping.. .  The DOW should drop 10 to 20 Per Cent.

This is the time for a September and October Meltdown.  Maybe Not this time in history.

The 2012 elections will cause a pull back in Stocks, maybe down to 9500 in the DOW.

A waiting Hawk

The New DROID- “The Pecking Phone” It’s the latest thing

Knuckledraggers_There are some bulking up at your Gym: Right now.

Maybe, you noticed they are regressing to an evolutionary stance of their Darwinian

models.   I’m sure that you can attract some primal females and I think it works.

Projecting strong healthy body says a lot about your lifestyle; besides it can help

your ego too.  Over doing it can cause added attention to others.

I work out 4 or 5 times a week, but I never reached the stage.

“Knuckledragger” is just a ad lib picture  around the Gym.


The New DROID- “The Pecking Phone” It’s the latest thing

No dialing, no punching, just ‘Peck peck peck and slide, slide, slide.

Be careful, you just pecked the wrong  tiny spot and and now you must return to some other

spot.  Squeeze, point, slice. peck, return, read;  What’s this?*Beep*, Now what?  I need to start over.

I might learn to use this ‘Computer Phone’ soon I hope?  i GOT A HEADACHE and my eyes hurt.

Are you all right?   I think so/

It  must be  that I’m just can’t read  or just plain stupid.  I’m going to get it yet?  I Peck, Slide side to side, Etc…

Who designed the glass menagerie; a real “DROID”?

Hey, Phorne Links stay off my Website.

A pecking real Bird.


IT’S OBAMA TIME ALL THE TIME- I’m getting sick of all the news is about the President.

The  competitive  news media is obsessed about this MANS non-news happenings.   It is the only

thing  going anymore.  Of course, I don’t have to listen to this Psychobabble  at all;  I could turn it off.

Then I wouldn’t know about all the fraud, chaos and mayhem going all round  me with all the freaky bleeding

heart stories.

Of course there is the recession(depression?)turning  my stomach.  No wonder the health care is

so expensive.

Their are other stories on this website, but they are brief and to the point .

All Obama stories type in search space.

Don’t waste your all your time on the big media.  Just search on this website.

A forgiving Hawk

Comment–OBAMA Speech on Iraq. It was a well written Oracle.

The President delivered the rhetoric with his normal precise aplomb.  I thought it was a great speech; the

writers did a great effort (I don’t know their names) and it was a timely report.  However…,

I don’t think he really meant it; HE JUST MOUTHED IT.  Maybe, the war is not his bailiwick.

Wars have only one  mission: “TO KILL THE ENEMY” . That is all/nothing else.

The Iraqi action was another failure of massive power to overcome Religious fanatics.

I don’t think the President likes doing this Honest job of being every thing to the majority of

the people.  I think HE has and agenda  and it doesn’t serve him well.

If he does his job ; He should be gray headed real soon.  PRESIDENTIAL PERKS REALLY DON’T


Of course, I’m still checking his Greatness.

Old Gray Hawk