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PRE-ELECTION RESULTS Here on thehawkreport.com

The Democrats have lost 1/3 of the voters from the recent Election.  This breaks down to an average of 40/60% and the Republicans taking both the House and the Senate.  Both Political parties are predicting better outcomes than they believe will happen, but the “Perils of Obama” has run them off the cliff and into the view of the stout heart’ ed “Tea Party”.   The politicians left will have to do the right thing or leave for  less greener pastures.

Welcome to my World!

The BIG SURPRISE ?  “O”DONNELL” WINS” in Delaware.  Mark Here _X…Plop

Hawk you are Out on a Limb.  So don’t stand under my limb?

Hawky poo  to you too?

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Coming Soon to this Website: The “New Obama Bird”

We will be following The ‘Perils Of President Obama’ .  Reporting the impromptu habits of HIS  journey into history.  This maybe the most exciting political event or events ever pulled off in the age of the civilized world.  Chaos and distractions to appeal to almost all Worldly inhabitants.  By all means , we must keep this PLAY going; think of all the platitudes this  will create for the poor and deluded  people of the world.  I’m so excited?

Humming to this World Famous Website “New Obama Bird”

No let up for at least 2 years…

Where’s my new Jet I ordered?

Hawk Bird

Again.Does anybody read this stuff?

Alleged pre-empted Attack by 2 packages for Jewish Chicago sounds a little Fishy

Especially at this time; gives me thought of the timing of this incident

The ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) of the American voters is very noticeable .   This could only help the falling Polls for the President and could push it up.  In Politics with this Administration has always been never miss an opportunity to gain your base.  Since they have lost a THIRD of their voters this Midterm; they need something to happen to stop the sinking ship.

The “Drop Dead 2012 Election” for the Democrats is a coming and it will be interesting  to follow the devastation.

To Be updated soon,


The Liberal Media gets lowdown and dirty like their Imploding canidates

Perpetuating the Democratic Mess in Washington will costs them in the future.  They will change or go out of business.  There is enough voters this election to take them out.

Obama will feed them money until the Drop Dead election in 2012.

The Power of the President  and Congress has to be rained in.  This is not a Dictatorship yet.  It’s getting close to retaining power and stealing the elections.

I hope sensible minds prevail.

A troubled Hawk

Biden says GOP spent 200m on Campaign. The DEM’s had over 400m to spend. What’s the beef?

They are the ones with all the incumbency dollars.  In the past, over 90% are re-elected.  What happened?   Maybe, the voters miscast their votes in the Last election and found out something smells in Washington, DC.

The Democrats couldn’t find enough dirt to dig up to spend all their money.

Saving the money for the drop dead 2012  election.

Election Day is a coming; Any Democrat could loose.

See other Political stuff on thehawkreport.com/

Hacking,   Hawk

“Want to tax the Rich” Check it out/thehawkreport.com

This website advocates Taxing the RICH and this is how?

The !912 Federal Income tax was designed to do just that, but

It turned out it taxed the poor and the Middle Class.

We need a new “Fair Tax System”>  It is called “The Net Worth System”

and it is on this Website.

Also, let’s celebrate 2012 (the 100 year) of the tax that was to tax the rich.

The information is all presented here; take a look and let’s do away with the 27,000 page Income Tax Code.

REMEMBER, Make all the money you want and pay NO INCOME tax?

The greatest, Hawk

RNC ? The Republican National Commitee should be cleared to take on a new Task

They should promote the The Party not the Candidates and not their cronies or political Hacks.  Since the Members decides who runs in the Political Races they should be given less power in determining who gets selected.    Individuals decide if they want to run.   The Party should embrace all minorities and not promise them nothing; only the prospect of being part of the American Election Process.   They should  embellish the ” The Tea Party” as arising Hope of stopping Congress and the Executive Branch from not listen to the people.

The minorities are still in charge.  This is just backwards of the way it should be.

Election Day is coming. So, Lets move on.

Check out more on thehawkreport.com

Still flying^^^^^^^^^Hawk

THE NEW BUSINESS CODE_Changing the way you do Business

Uncertainty in the economy is changing normal ways to operate

a for profit plan.  Competing in the World Market is almost impossible.

There may be some down time (two to four years) before we find a way

to improve our New Business Code.  I hear it is on the way?

Corruption Be gone!

Wall Street and Ruthless CEO’S will be more  in charge again after 2012

and the present Congress and Obama have  walked away with the Treasury.

The easy way would be to jump on their wagon, but We are American’s and

We believe we can overcome anything.

The New Business Code has not evolved Yet, Let’s start looking around; it’s

appearance will give US confidence .  GOD bless AMERICA.

Looking for Way out ,


FREE MONEY INSURANCE_ Everybody has to have it to do anything Today.

Many Billionaires today made their money in Insurance; it takes a portion of

all business and individual profits,  Just think,  the free money these underwriters

take from the system as a (so called) safe guard for ordinary citizens.   You can

insure anything; your finger 0r your whole life, just give a little of your money.

However, you must sign their written contract which is specific and inclusive

of your legal interest.

Once you pay the premium, that’s the only the beginning of the rocky road  with

the “Lawyers”.  The insurance company realizes that they never have to pay until

you sue them.  FREE MONEY again,


After a few years; You lose> WHOW?

Man I want some of that ?

Mandated, Hawk