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INFLATION can be your friend/on thehawkreport.com

You can pay off your debt with inflated Dollars.  When prices rise on some of the products you use; switch to a similar item at lower costs.  You can’t always win, but you can stay ahead of the inflation curve.  Do with less on the inflated items and look for bargains and discounts.

The Federal Reserve will be printing more paper Dollars; this will eventually cause higher inflation.  The degree of devaluing of the dollar is uncertain because of the amount of dollars in circulation.  The reason is because of hoarding and moving monies into saving accounts. Americans are saving close to 10 per cent now and are paying off their credit accounts and are spending less.

The Federal Reserve is releasing more Billions of paper dollars because of the disappearance of the dollars around the world.  The M-I,II,III supply of paper money needs to be maintain for normal transactions to continue in an active manner.  Their are many other things not mentioned here.

Remember, be selective an ‘Inflation can be your friend’.

A Squeaking  Hawk

President Obama pardons a traditional turkey for Thanksgiving

Glad to see him doing his job.  He pardoned  the one named “Cadet” after his former opponent McCain.   He also fried Three others for the feast.  It is about average for his term one out of four successes  in the his efforts to tame the country and the world.  Being the a Leader of the world; you have to take on the mundane chores of being President.

This is the only story I could find worth writing about, till now.  There are a lot of bad things happening, so stay tuned.

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

A Real Bird.


NEWS Flash_Who’s going to run against The President in the ‘Drop Dead’ 2012 election/on thehawkreport.com

Who is running as a TEA PARTY candidate (Ala the Republican Party)  and Hillary Clinton as the eventual Democratic Nominee.

Who could win against Obama Now and Clinton can’t wait to get  back to this country and test the waters.  Accidentally elected Obama is on the run.

Who’s running against the over zealous President Obama: if it isn’t Clinton,Who?  The weakest Democratic President in history and who would be most likely to be nominated other than the Present Co-President Hillary.  I know she says She will not run, but she could be drafted.

No idea. Nobody?

Maybe if Obama is losing real bad ; he will drop Biden and name HILLARY VP.  Pres. Obama will do anything to win.

The Former President likes his wife for an alternative.  May be in 2016, but to late;  she will be 70.

Remember, the Election starts (Sept. and Nov. in about 90 days.

A brave Bird.


Nobody reads this STUFF. Do they?

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT? The facts are presented here.

The long lost mystery of “Weight Lose”, especially for women.

I discovered the way enjoy all the foods of the world and never gain a calorie is to read “COOK BOOKS”.  You can prepare the food, cook it and look at pictures and partake of it in your mind.  So called “EAT the PAGES’ of course.  YOU can do this anytime during the day or cuddling up to an GOOD exotic one at bed time.

You will never be hungry again?


Thank you , Hawk