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FACELIFTS/ Would a facelift be good for you? on thehawkreport.com

Some people getting older may think about a lift;  it would make them look a lot younger.  The NEW procedures are better today than 10 years ago.  The BEFORE and AFTER picture are really perceptive.  However, the surgery is basically the same and there are risks.  Better check it out on.


Tightening the sags on the face and neck and the wrinkles around the eyes makes you look like you think you want to look before you got them.  I’m impressed.  I wonder?

A young  Bird


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When CONGRESS is in session Guard your Pocket Book and your Fanny/

Let’s hope they get out soon.  Boy, this is ridiculous.  I’ve never seen anything like it in my lifetime.  I am worried that this country is going to be ‘TRASH” SOON DON’T EVER VOTE  ANY OF THESE ‘DINGBATS AGAIN.

Would somebody hand me the newspaper my cage needs cleaning.

PAUL/NEWT for President:. why not?

Check it out on this web site.

A dismayed


BECK FOR PRESIDENT/on thehawkreport.com

Why not?  He knows history and he can talk to the People about the ways to solve problems.  He is an American as Apple PIE.  He is an Independent (I think) . He could run as a Republican or a Democrat(who cares) this man is good and is what we need to lead our nation.  Glen Beck could win, no doubt.

Run him down and make him run.

The man for Hope, Hawk

Glen Beck For President in the 2012 Election: Please Run; Surprise US.

I don’t know if he would even consider such a big effort in his Life; but it would surely help his devastated country.  It would be a lot to ask of anyone , He would be great for the U. S.  and the world.

Try to ‘draft’ him. In my opinion he would be a “one of our greatest Presidents’.  It is tough to find any one in politics that can personally qualified to even run.  It would go back to the days of George Washington and our foundering Fathers.  An Honest person is hard to find in our society today; we need someone that can sell honesty and not be so condescending and misleading to the honest and God fearing citizens.

If you think this is possible ; Please let him know.

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C. Hawk Brown