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Who would look good on the New Penny?

Since they are trying to do away with it because it cost more than it is worth to produce; maybe the U.S. Mint should stamp out an “Obama Penny”.  It has been suggested that the One Cent piece is a real pain in doing business such as 99 cents instead of one Dollar and $99.99 for100 a  hundred dollar purchase.  This would cut the 2012 Budget by several hundred million dollars.

The Congress is always thinking about money: this is right down their vote buying efforts.

I wonder if this Congress is capable of doing anything  that has no political benefit to their own well being and to the Tax Payer .

Coming Soon on thehawkreport.com/ The real GREEDY  “GOVERNMENT  GREED”.

The “Birdman”


Speaker of the House Boehner 3rd in line for President and President Obama have a lot in common

They came from bottom of the latter and rose to high position.  Speaker Boehner has reiterated his sweeping his fathers Bar and cleaning toilets , etc.   A normal job for a lucky kid of thirteen; I can relate to these learning efforts.  I have been there myself: I can remember .

I’m sure President Obama can relate to similar experiences. He doesn’t talk about that part of his life; growing up in bright red soil sugarcane patches of rural Hawaii.

I visited the area where Obama grew up and I spent some time hiking around the sugar factory where he spent some of his childhood.  The sugar cane fields dominated the economy in this part of Hawaii and when I was there in 94 the local plant appeared almost closed.  We were really lost and were  hanging around the area for the coconuts and bananas. We gathered a bunch of coconuts, but couldn’t take them back.  I would have never believed that this was a perfect place for President Obama to spring forth and be our Leader.

Sometimes you wonder how a Chicago rookie Senator from Hiwaii Made it.

Maybe he is saving it for his Book.



MS Gov. Haley Barbour a good chooce for President in 2012

He has quintessential qualities to lead US to a Smaller and less intimidating Socialistic government.  People could live with a less continuous overwhelming Federal government involvement  in our lives.  This man has simple solutions to get out of the way, so the wonderful country could  achieve it’s fullest potential.

I think He will run, but his Zest and tempering has yet to be seen as President?

The alternative is anybody but “OBAMA”.

Hawk, Leads the way.

More on this Website soon.

Zest for Greatness” that could be

Why “Gold” is the “Star” of the world commodities: Oil is second??

Not like other commodities,  Gold has very few uses.  Now, Oil has thousands of uses.

I Can’t believe the difference in weight and uses is so enormous; One  troy ounce of gold will bring over $1300.  As for Oil, it is $100 dollars a barrel.

Why is This ?   All are regulated by all kinds of Mining Laws and Cartels that cause the price to vary.

“Here’s what I believe.  Gold operates  in the the “Free Market System”  after it is mined and designated as to purity..after that gold is free to seek a supply and demand level of pricing.

I realize the costs of up front investment  and reinvestment is high, but these commodities are 5 times the cost to produce in today’s markets.

Gold and Oil are true supply and demand commodities that affect  the lives of all people on Earth.

The Gold-Oil  Hawk