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Latest Peeper! Dismayed Obama to win the “Drop Dead” 2012 Election. Here’s how? /on thehawkreport.com

There is nothing  MORAL about politics; the most votes wins, no matter how they are counted.

This Website doesn’t mince words and make long dissertations.  The Democrats will have the money and votes.

They don’t deserve it : the country is in a depressed mode from over Obama Nation(Executive Orders)  and foolish Congressional Mandated  Bills to control the citizens.  Freedom to US Americans.

The Democrats have over 1 billion dollars ; while the GOP has 400 t0 500 million to spend.  They are spending 10m to find any dirt on the Candidates and the Conservative Media.  They will find something; if not they will make it up.  They have a dirty tricks play book by100 lawyers. There is nothing secret about this ‘Playboy” Obama Election.

Here’s the break down:  Democrats 28% , Poor and Welfare Recipients, 12%, the Unions 6%, All minorities  12%; Now, The GOP has the Middle Class 40% and the Rich 3%.  You add it up.

Obama to win on Obamacare in the Supreme Court Ruling of 4 to 4 Tie.  YOU heard it Hear.  Follow up.

Remember, America,  Politics is about winning and Let’s make a deal all on thehawkreport.com/

Type: Obama in the search block in the upper left  and get all of the Obama Stuff.

Bad American.



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Get ready for the wind down of the  over Selling Media  outlets.

We love brevity.


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Pretty bird


RIGHT NOW? Who can beat Obama in the ‘”Drop Dead” 2012 Presidential Election/on thehawkreport.com

It looks like he has it rapped up; unless the Republicans can pull a squeeze play and find a Real Candidate.  According to the stats ‘The Dems.’ have  it in the bag with 30% Party voting and all the Public and Private Unions not including the obvious poor and welfare re sips.  The “Reps” only have the Middle Class and the RICH;  Way out numbered with votes.

The Democrats have over a Billion Dollars to keep the Presidency.

There is one way that the Republicans could win

Here’s the clincher ; if they could find a Conservative Black Guy OR REAL CONSERVATIVES to run?

A Real Blackbird.


Japan’s Worst Scenario: Could this be a Death Knell for them/on thehawkreport.com

They are fleeing the dreaded Radiation from the Fukushima Power Plant.  The Japanese are a proud  culture and is a large part of past history.  Where will they flee to?  Anywhere but near the fallout.  Maybe, they will come to good ole U.S A. They have over 800B in US Treasury Bills.  Come on over and cash in a few of them in and live longer; but get Denuclearized before you enter.  A nice 2 year vacation in the West would be nice.  Hawaii is real nice and most of the country is Japanese descent.  Many of the hotels are loaded with your Japanese decor.

That’s where I would go .

Catch a plane before you demise.

If money works use it?

Bug out?

A jet lagged Bird.Hawk, The scenario is the word.

Qaddafi Says he will attack other Mediterranean cities if he is attacked

Qaddafi has aircraft and various means to hurt France and other UN nations in the area.  This is not a simple matter, the United Nation Emergency Counsel is meeting to save innocent people from being attacked by a well armed Libya.  He intends to go down by any means even if it takes others outside of Libya.

President Obama has already stated “This man should be takened out” .  Even though, he does not want to do it alone; it should be handled by nations in the  region.  I believe he is right on this one.

We will see?

A meaningful Bird not a War Hawk .



Peep?Gaza-Israeli conflict to be stopped by Clinton as our overseas Co-President/ on thehawkreport.com


Hillary lost the Race for President, but she is our Foreign President Designate.  She’s always over there and the other resides in the White House.  Looks like they made a deal; we will split the duties.  You can live in luxury and travel around and act as Co-president.  Maybe they didn’t agree as stated, but looks like we need to divide it up for better response to the problems.

Hillary always will believe that she should of been the President.  Maybe, she is?  She was more qualified than ‘The Accidental Elected OBAMA’. I agree with her.  The present administration is a rerun of  the Clinton Presidency.  A large number were left over from his legacy.   Bill is pushing her or looking around for some one to run; a Democratic Governor.  Who?

Hillary might not RUN ;if Obama pulls out of his Progressive Shell.

Remember voters, My Saying:

“If you stoop to conquer, You conquer only stoops”

Does a stupid Bird have a vote?




Jetting off to Rio our PLAYBOY President needs a Spring Break/on thehawkreport.com

The most Traveled President in the History of the World is headed off to Brazil for a few weeks of site seeing.  Load up all our 757″s and Limo’s with all that Security Stuff “Were going to Rio” and don’t forget the ‘The Press’.

Brazil seems to be doing well enough, maybe, they would help us out with a few new jobs.  We could offer them some government Assistance’s and that would invite trade and create business ties for our countries.  China has been there for oil for years.  Brazil one of the fastest growing countries in the world should meet with us, too.

Good Luck Mr. President on your trip.

Remember what you shouted when your really made it Big ‘”I’m going to Disneyland” now it’s “i’m going to Rio”;  I always wanted to say that; I just said that didn’t I?

A real Albatross’




securiother tuff

GUEST WHAT? Red Wine is better for the Thyroid than the Potassium Iodine Tablets/

Direct from Italy, the latest Breaking News is “Drink two glasses of Red Wine and it will ward off Radiation” . SO2 is used in wine making, check the bottle.   The Italians have been doing just that since the “Chernobyl Meltdown”.  Beside that, Red Wine won’t hurt your heart and is readily available.  The Iodide tablets are all sold out at the Health Food Stores, so quit looking.

Who knows where or when the the radiation will hit the West Coast, so you will be ready for a small amount of it.

A spot of wine to your good health.

I heard it on the Grapevine>…-

Hic Hawk

EARTHQUAKES finailly knock President off the Media/on thehawkreport

It took a global catastrophe to get this Guy off the face of the T.V.  Among the Excruciating Bad COMMERCIALS and  SUBCULTURAL Programming there is The Accidental President spouting off about his next spending spree to his supporters.  How much more do We have to endure of this political Charade.  What happened to the beautiful Americans that knew how to bath and clean their face and have hair on their heads.   If Television is true segment  of our society as Nation ; we are headed for the trash heap.

I can’t find the real honest people that made this a country of IMMIGRATES.


Peep, peep: little “He awk”

The Legislature Giveth and they Taketh away

What the State and Federal governments do is a contractual agreement and is subject to review.  It is not a “Guaranteed Right” as some people believe.  Contracts are broken all the time and are subject to litigation and resolution; that is what the Courts are for   Freedom of expression and speech is in the body of “Constitutional Law’ that sill can be changed.by two-thirds of the states agreeing to an amendment.

Just because you might believe Governments can pass Legislation; it Is not a “RIGHT”. Most citizens  can do all most anything ; but really you can’t because of the “Rule of Law” is  not the “Rule of Rights”.

Rule of Rights is a stated mode of conduct and is only IMPLIED.

Meanwhile, meaningful protesting is a way to get attention to break or Change the contract and  get a new agreement.

Contracts are not CASED IN STONE and are not held to the higher Powers.

An illegal Bird.


Partying going on at the White House/on thehawkreport.com

Maybe it ought to be a “Drop Dead” requiem to their Inept leadership.   Damn the the rest of US. We are in charge and We desire to have a ball.  Obama is  at “The Party” with a 104B EXECUTIVE ORDER spending binge on his 2012 reelection.


All the American people deserve a sober Party.  The President has conned the voters and they will get it in the next election.  If The Democrats buy the 2012 election they will will lose their country too.

See more on thehawkreport.com

A dead Hawk++++plop!