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One Thing about Donald Trump is “You don’t need a Q & A period”/ on thehawkreport.com

He has answered most of the questions about where he stands. He has did US a real Wake up and real Americans owe him a debt for bringing it up. Even if he doesn’t run for President; he tried to save our Country.from total oblivion and eventual demise.
Trump has Talked the Talk That no other candidate has dared to touch. Maybe, he gave up his chance to become President,by being so upfront with the truth, but I love his Honesty.

I think  Trump will jump on the NEWT BAND WAGON.  There’s another gotcha>

I understand him: A real fault of a stupid bird.

I never seen a flying Trump; he could be on the endangered Billionaire Lists.


FIRST UP: Donald Trump and Gov. Haley Barbour would make a Great team/ on thehawkreport.com

They think in similar ways to save the country. Trump needs someone to carry the GOP Primary Nomination Process. A Political insider that can pull enough VOTES from the Pack of Candidates, Barbour could help him in South and Middle America.
They have real proposals to restore the country’s Greatness and stop the economic default of ouR financial System. Bring back the glory of the Dollar.

It is still too early for this type of prediction. but things will change quickly. we do need a strong leader at this time in the Office of President. Remember, where you heard it>


Did I lay an EGG?


Brits snob President Obama: /Not on Wedding List/ on thehawkreport.com

The BIAS news media is not reporting it, so it maybe true. I heard he is going to show up anyway. They can’t snub him and his Family and hoards of Democrats and Security. He wants to show off his Kenyon Heritage as the former British Procession. He is half Kenyon: I should be there when things happen in such a Royal Event

Besides Obama and his world travelers need a reason to to get out of town again. I don’t get any respect here ; Maybe they won’t know how well I’m liked here in my town.

Hawk, you are not on the Lists, so you are going anyway. Yes!

Bleep! Bleep! (expletive) a B limy Bird.


DON’T READ: THEHAWKREPORT.COM/ Stories are to good for most

The writing is quick. fun and real informative. They are not vulgar or grossly exaggerated with dirty words. I’m sure you can get all the expletives any place on the internet or all around your life; but not on this website.
If you don’t like good wholesome comments on the news: move on.

You could peep?

Hawk, A Real Bird


Who cares? They weren’t handing them out where I was delivered. Who would of thought I would be elected President of the United States any way? Here I is: the big Man on the Hill. I can do some good for the Poor and my Friends : make a better country Hopefully.
What a country? A guy with absolutely no future, no birth certificate (just a document that says I was born ALIVE> OH, MAN; YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN!!! I love this country.
Now, I know why every body wants to escape to the greatest country on earth and share the wealth of the RICH and the hard working UNIONS and to have even a greater country.

Can a Bird with a Certificate of Live Birth be Top Bird in Washington D.C.?
Vote for me/

President Obama to talk about “TAX EXPENDiTURES” /on thehawkreport.com

The definition of tax expenditures to this particular President is Deductibles or Special tax exemptions on your tax return. So, if you don’t pay tax on or given an exemption ; it is a tax break for you and an unpaid or lower tax for the government. There are many, many tax free amenities given to corporations and special interest groups and they lobby day and night to keep the money flowing freely.
This unfairness can be solved by adapting the “THE NET WORTH SYSTEM” as presented on thehawkreport.com.

Make all the money you can and want and PAY NO INCOME TAX on it.
Also, “How to make the economy ‘BOOM IMMEDIATELY. It’s all here on this Website.

Don’t any body READ this stuff. Maybe not?

A Rare Bird,
Would you remove that tax form; it’s getting messy in my cage?

TRUMP could win IF? He could get the Republican Party Nomination/on thehawkreport.com

The GOP is desperate enough to want to win the Presidency back; they should get Donald to run on the ticket. If he tries to run as an Independent; he will assure the reelection of Obama. He would be like another Ross Parot who helped elect Clinton. I don’t think any of the present lot of ‘Political Midgets’ can beat the Liberal Obama.

The Donald could pull it off. He’s smart and has the qualities needed at this time in history. We need sone one who has ability to run our country like a business for the people..

It all depends on the GOP; if they can get off their high horse an get to realities of winning like Democrats “Win by any means”; they would get the job done to save the country from bankruptcy… .

Don’t bet on it?
The bird has spoken; Hawk

Peep,Peaking OIL to reach $120 Dollars or more by the end of the year/on thehawkrepoprt.com


From the present price of $100 dollars a barrel the price should go easily 5-20% within the next few months.  It can go even higher if some catastrophic world event like Iran closing the Straits of  Homus takes place before the New Year after that time it may reach that amount anyway.

The rapid demand for gasoline to prove to much for the producers and refineries to keep up. Other countries with cheap Dollars will out bid the U.S. for their own needs. It doesn’t matter much if we use less or start drilling now; the problem remains. The present is the flawed U. S. Energy Policies and increasing costs of doing business in this country. The costs of drilling in or around this continent is 4 times more than in a foreign country. The Legal, .Labor and Regulatory costs are the reasons for not Drilling; when it gets to much to go abroad they will find plenty of oil here. Oil companies cannot afford to drill on most leases because the prospects are void of good geophysical records or could be dry holes. Wasted resources don’t work in the oil business.

There is one hope for us to reach parity in oil and that is to develop our abundant supple of Natural gas and coal fired electrical plants. Forget about large scale Nuclear. wind and solar;; this should be developed only on a local or small units.

When gasoline reaches $4.90 a gallon like in the rest of the world, then you will see reality take hold.

Type: OIL in upper left for the whole oil Picture on this Website.

I’m just a stupid Bird


Donald Trump cannot get the GOP nomination /on thehawkreport.com

The Republican ‘KING MAKERS’ will not pick him because he has not paid his dues to the Party Loyalist. That is
the reason people hang on is to wield the power of being able to pick the candidate they want and not the individual,persona… That makes them the Power behind the President. Therefore, No inside the party people: no chance for Trump. Members work all their lives just to be in a position to decide the nominee; they are called ‘Cronies’; They get government jobs and can lobby in high places.
It is true Politics makes strange bed feathers; You can even feather your own bed. They do it all the time. Really>

I could feather my nest with political plunder, Yeah Baby!
Crony, Hawk

Poor People can’t get Home Loans/ on thehawkreport.com

Because of the “Dodd- Frank Bill” passed by the Congress and signed by the President. Just try to get a loan for a house ; also you have to promise to live in it.. Qualifying for a loan is almost impossible unless you are rich or have a large monthly income and can prove you can make the payments indefinitely.
So, the home ownership is out of Favor in this Administration. Now,Back to the Drawing board for people to have a home: Renting is only way to go or go homeless. Everybody I know are just about a doorway to being homeless anyway.
What’s next?
There’s no business like no business.
A Homeless Tree house Bird