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Angst: Can be the reason for your Vote in 2012 Election/on thehawkreport.com

Your decision to decide the next President can be described in one word ‘Angst” of which is derived from Danish as Angel and means fear and anxiety. Whatever your brand of politics their seems to be no great people vying for their place in the sun. The conservatives have the Right principles and the Liberals have the means to take down the Country as it has existed for 200 years. Therefore, we have been down these ‘Dead End’ sinology before and somehow have survived to become even greater. We are influenced seemly into a stupid direction with our Special Interest System, but can we keep it with our world power struggle.
I think we can with our dominating momentary system and our technically advanced military.
We have only 0.5 Per cent of the world population and larger countries will challenge US and
with good leadership the US can make it.

The decisions is yours on 2012 election.