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PERRY/BACHMANN/ROMNEY Ticket_Real Conservatives to WIN For the Republicans/on thehawkreport.com

They can win the Primaries in Iowa and South Carolina; to heck with New Hampshire. They will pull the rest of the Primaries. The Republicans can WIN with half the money as the Democrats because they the Dems . can run only negative adds and will not be able to Exemplify any thing Obama’s Administration has done for the country; no good for the outcome. The Dems. will counter with just another “Texan Bush”; ; not true, Bush was not a Conservative; he was a moderate.

The intelligent voters are looking at “Anybody But Obama”. This means a Change in the Office of the President. What are the odds? Better than usual. That’s why the Republicans have so many Candidates running. They can see the possibility of a one term President.

Don’t count the Democrats out they have the incumbency and twice the money and they have the Votes. They have the minorities, the poor, the unions and illegals; enough to win easy.
The only hope is the Republicans will choose someone who is the best for the country at this time and not just a Politician. He must be independent of the Government Model of Stupidity and not a big spender of the peoples money.

I’m Looking?===>>>

Can a Bird Run, maybe not?



Check it out on this website, also offer Mexico Statehood. It’s all here in real words and ways to get it done.

Where are all the so called experts (or idiots) on this a reasonable proposal to our friends South of our countries border.
Areal solution..If you are so smart? What’s wrong with this proposal?

Really!!! A bird can fly over that border anytime.^^^^^^>>>>>………

Please Answer if you have a better solution?