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GIVE ALL THE MONEY TO THE POOR and in 2 years the Rich will have it All back/on thehawkreport.com

The POOR  will always be around in all societies; it was in the ancient past and the recent past.  History tells the tell ; socialism never worked and caused more Havoc and Hell. 

I believe the rich will accumulate most of the wealth in a short period of time because they are smart and motivated and understand they fear poverty madly.  One thing the Rich fear the most is being poor again and they remember.

I guess this is too simple to be meaningful, but nobody reads this stuff anyway.

Just a stupid Bird.


President Obama wants to take the U.S Economy into Bankruptcy/on thehawkreport.com

He has already decided that by his comments after his meetings with the Congressional Leader.  He has said “It would be differcult if we are bankrupt”,  but he could muddle through.  Of course, He would blame the House of Representatives and the Republicans and get elected again.  That’s the goal “get elected again”. 

If this doesn’t happen; all this is so much “HOGWASH”:  This is a picture I get from the internet.  The showdown is at the DC corral and something is not for real this time in history.  Distroying this country is not on the table is it.

Let’s get this problem cleared up and move on?

Out on the Limb,Hawk

Who’s going to run against Obama as a Democrat/on thehawkreport.com

Somebody needs to challenge this negative President.  Are their no one in the Democratic Party with the sense of frutility and will act for the country.  If this is the case you can desolve the two party system and call out the “Tea Party” and More. 

The Political Parties are acting as enemies of the country that elected them.  In this case,  they should need to renew their Legal right to exist under the Constitution.   This is not a pretty picture for a great nation.

LATEST NEWS:  Al Gore ; I hear is in the run up to the DN Convention.  A lot more my guess.   A low scoring Obama  pre_convention would do it.   We need a fly off.

Let’s do away with these Birds.

I’m voting .

The Hawk Bird

DR. Michael Savage ‘The Truth Messenger’ the one and only Brillant Artist on Radio/on thehawkreort.com

The lonely 3rd place talk show with a one man show without writers does it all. He is a national treasure. The other “Talking Heads” have tons of people to do research and keep notes and steer them through their performance; Michael tells it like it is and makes no bones about it.
He is so good the others won’t let him on their shows or even their networks. The “Semi-talented Ones” are just jelious of his pull with such audiences and be far more interesting and influencing than most less informed personalities.
If you missed him; you will miss the straight facts about almost everything comprehensive.

The Truth Messenger O.K.

A Real Bird’ Hawk

President Obama has the “VETO”—It doesn’t matter about the debt/ on thehawkreport.com

The House can’t get a deal in writing or a promise of a decrease in spending with the President: he can ignore anything they can pass. He is the ‘FINAL DECIDER’ .So, you can either get a indication of some kind of physical spending adnausium and vote him out in the next election. JUST FORGET IT/go ahead an extend the Debt limit.
This is all political posturing and for the next election anyway. It’s not enteraining any more to keep beating this dead horse.

The ‘House of Representatives’ can’t do it’s job with this Progressive inclined President.
Bye bye Birdy Reps.

The Hawk


OBAMA does not know HOW to cut? on thehawkreport.com.

This person is not capaible of facing a simple reduction in government spending. As a Legally educated PROGESSIVE Individual: He is not indicative to our historcal Free Capitalistic System. Government should regulate and be the solution to almost all the things that determine our lives.
A NO FAIL SOCIETY is not an American enigma. An all socially dependent person is back to Serfdom or Slavery.

I Protest!!