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New_Eliminate FEMA_Here’s how?/on thehawkreport.com

The Federal and State Governments have already collected fees and taxes for infrastructure in All STATES.  The FEMA bailout should be cancelled and let the states determine their needs.  The Federal involvement should only be on the lands and properties owned or used by the government.

The outreach of the government has precluded it’s jurisdiction mandated by the U.S. Constitution.  (See your own copy of the U.S. Constitution on this website).  Congress has infringed on the power of the people by too many Bureaus, Czars, Social Programs and Illegal ACTS.  Congress can be stopped by the other ” Two Equal Branches of  Government”; the Executive and Judicial Branches”.  and one other thing The Constitution and the Bill of Rights only guarantee rights for one person not to the groups of  organized many.   Even though they influence the political system collectively.  Community Organizers are used to garner support for a legitimate purpose, but this should be left to local solutions not the Washington Beltway; one local incident doesn’t get solved by passing National Laws.

FEMA is a prime example of the Federal Government run a muck.  Blame the President for the weather is ridiculous.  Maybe wars>

Here’s a start  how?  Have the states be responsible for their own by insurance for the owner.  They already have it anyway.  If any citizen lives in an area of hazard losses they should take the loss; CALLED THE PRICE YOU PAY FOR BEING UNLUCKY.

There are thousands of Federal Bureaus that should be eliminated.  The next administration in Washington has it’s work cut out for it.

Cage underwater; move to a higher perch.

A Real Bird,


Peeping! Democrats hoping for Third Party Candidates/on thehawkreport.com

For Obama to win his second term their must be some way for him to win with less than 40% of the vote.  A strong another Party could let him stay for another term.  He has had some successes , but according to him he has had bad luck.  Another thing being the first American of color; nobody in his Party wants to ruin their political career by running against him.

Another question?  What about Biden?  Who will be his replacement?  He’ll find someone to help move this campaign to the middle for a win.  However, Obama will not move to the center and give up his Progressive Policies.

Nobody knows and their are more questions than answers.  More to come on this web site.

Will Obama replace Biden with Hillary;  there will be some desperate moves before this election.  Maybe, the Democrats will try to call off the election.  They hold the strings of government and anything can happen if they do not recognize the Constitution.

If you get to vote; you know what to do?

Hawk wins?


As reiterated on this Website,  is to change the Tax Code and here’s how?

A NEW SYSTEM of collecting income taxes; it is called “THE NET WORTH SYSTEM”.  Make all the money your want and if you don’t spend it you will have to pay a very small tax on it; like 1/2 of one per cent.  However, if you increase your ” Net Worth” you will have to pay a net worth tax.  All other taxes will stay about the same , such as deductions; if you spend it, no tax.

Of coarse, all other taxes could be lowered because of everybody with assets will have to pay a small amount of taxes.  This would increase our tax base. 

One page Tax Form;  List assets, take say a small percentage and bottom line tax amount. Unbelievable?

I hope nobody reads this and finds out how stupid we have been since 1912 when we created this way to tax the rich.  Now the truth is out after all these years; you have to tax their assets not their income.

Just a stupid Bird^^^^^Hawk



These socially implied Laws are devised to the stop any means of free speech and vital intelligent conversation in public.  Of coarse, you could say “the ordinary person should not be allow to speak “; this should be left to well educated  people and governments.  Besides the people are shown on TV as uneducated fat people in varying  stages of unhappiness; why should they have any Political input to way things are run.  So,now the rise of the use of any words  that may offend anyone with a Law attached the color, race or creed to put  it simplistically.

WE ARE NOT HYPHENATED AMERICANS and we speak English and we all came here from somewhere even the natives.  The reasonable person knows this and don’t speak up and lets the con man speak for them.   The CON-MAN obtains fame and fortune because that’s their forte’ and satisfies their ego.  The sheep need a flock keeper to make them feel safe: sad.

The Congress can repeal all LAWS that impede Social Justice and Freedom to speak.

An endangered Bird, Hawk

Coming up on this Website ” We are not hyphenated Americans”

Have you heard the latest “The Democrats started this  under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson”

ARE LAWYERS NECCESSARY? They don’t produce anything/on thehawkreport.com

The lawyers I have known lead the good life by taking from working non-lawyers.  They make the laws and articulate their cases before the Courts of Law for everybody from Birth to Death.  Use to be, they didn’t need to know the Law ‘per sa’ they just used common sense and fairness or non-fairness to adjudicate a disagreement.  We had fewer so called laws except those by religion doctrine and that meant you would be punished by GOD.  Looks like GOD lost out to governments and lawyers.  The Legislature of Arizona passed 357 new laws in the year of 2011 and the U.S. Congress passed over 1600 new laws for us to live by forever and ever with old ones you are yet to discover. 

We need one more Law to declare some of these “Null and Void’.   We could call it the “The Null and Void Deleting Law”.

Cool Huh? 

Maybe, some young lawyer would sponsor it and make a name for his/her self>  Next on this web site

” The Repeal of the Political Correctness Implied Laws”.  How?

Vote in the next election for a common man not a lawyer.

A common sense Bird,  Hawk

WHERE’S QADDAFI? Here is a good guess/ on the hawkreport.com

Qaddafi’s probably changed his identity and maybe in or near Libya.  Here’s a better guess; I believe he is on a well defended luxury yacht off the coast of Libya.  He has the means to sail around the world for years and keep away from any people and countrymen.  I always thought of a ship as a sort of prison anyway, so not much of a reprieve of facing a certain outcome.  He has many well paid “friends”:  they could hide him forever.

It will be interesting where he turns up; not dead. 

If I was hiding out the ocean would be big area to hide in under an assumed name.  What was that bounty again; one million dollars maybe? 

J. Livingston Seagull will be covering the world with his GPS.

Beep, Beep,  Did you check outer space Yet?


Democrats to start Personal Distruction of GOP Candidates/on thehawkreport.com


Obama can’t run on his record and the strategist around him resist any new workable knowledge to help him.  His Latest Private Polls are in the Forties and Fifties, but descending.

The “Obama Machine” and the DNC have allocated 10M dollars for 100 lawyers an others to dig up dirt on the opposition.  They should find something to spend a total of one Billion dollars on; Lawyers keep a standing lists of criteria for totally annihilating anyone.  They just take it out of their files.  They can also make it up as they go; they are the best at character assassinations.  Trial Lawyers are the best at fantasizing an coming up ideas that confuse juries and politics has little to do with morals; the one who gets the most votes wins.   If you can’t win big  unless you find deep pockets and unintelligent voters. so they have a lot of money to spend and give back to our fading economy.

Let’s hope the President doesn’t get too desperate and do any more damage to the country.  He still has the Greatest Expense Account in the history of the world.  Maybe, he won’t break the Treasury traveling : they are about broke already.

Leaving the Office now. Bye, Bye

Just a Bird, Hawk

Want to Pay off the U.S. Debt! Here’s How?/on thehawkrepoprt.com

The Congress has to change the way Taxes are Collected.  It is stated in the “Fair Taxes, Real Tax Reform”  on this website.       Restated again an again, but nobody noticed: it must be to simple to be the solution to National and world wide problem.  Here it is one more time by the numbers.


(1)     Make all the money you want and pay no Income Taxes.

(2)     Add up all your Assets (Net Worth) and pay 1/2 of one per cent taxes


(1)      If you spend most of the money: no taxes on the money.

(2)       If you accumulate Wealth ; you get to pay a measly amount.

(3)        Eliminate most of the Present Tax Code; a short form for taxes.

(4)        Pay off the National Debt in a few years and the U.S. will not renege on it debts.

(5)        All other taxes will stay the same or be eliminated with adjustments.

(6)        Rich People pay a very small amount  and get richer.

(7)         I can go on forever;  Doesn’t anybody in Congress want to stand up and change the System.


Save the nation, Please.

A simple tax, Hawk

Other efforts and comments on the website

Interest Rates of Zero is a tax on the people with Money/on thehawkreport.com

If you can’t make a dime on interest ; you will lower you income and less tax for the government.  They will have to move to some other type of  investments to increase their income   Savings Accounts will draw little interest  and the banks can borrow money  for less than %1 from the Federal Reserve. 

This is a tax on your assets and your net worth.  Of course, there are other ways to collect taxes from the people with a system of “NET WORTH” .  The Congress would have to change the Tax Code by lowering the present income tax to almost nothing  and adding a real tax change called  “FAIR TAX- NET WORTH SYSTEM”.  Make all the money you can and want and pay little or no income taxes.  If you spend all you money you make by the end of the year (which most of us do) you pay no taxes, but if you accumalate assets you pay less than one per cent on that amount.

This would make the economy BOOM immediately with all that spending.

What are the intended consequentialities?   This would end this reccession and the country could be back to work>  Make all the money in many creative ways and get rid of the dreadful tax inequalities.  The outcome would be ‘ If you create wealth; you get to payA SMALL part of it to the government’ 

You are a fair Bird.


Houses are Half Price; Why not Stocks, Cars and Gold?/on thehawkreport.com

Don’t people know?  We are in a “Recession or maybe a Depression”.  If this is the case stocks should be 6500 on the DOW; cars would be 30% less and gold would be less than $500 and change.  Not being an expert, like the talking heads?  I don’t have to worry about being right, but I”m just a consumer.  I need to know when to take care of business and meet my expenses.

Some people say they know, but they just say that.  I don’t think they know ‘Squat’.  Maybe, they articulate and look good in a suit and tie on TV and don’t need to shave or bath.  They probably spend all their time being busy and very smart.   I spent most of my life in school and learning everything, but never became and expert in one thing, so I’m not wanted on the Post Office Most Wanted Lists.  I digress.

Everything should be 1/2 price right or “Somebody”  is messing around with system.  It must be Politicians  and the Government Bureaucrats Micro managing the Free Markets>  Yes, That’s it?  I’m packing my Bird Tea Bags and going to the nations capital.

Could I be right with this “REAL TAX REFORM ”  TAXES ON YOUR NET WORTH?  Don’t tell anybody: I’m going to Washington.

A real bird,  Maybe I’ll fly!



Peeping! Senator Reid to protect 20 vulnerable Democrat senators/ on thehawkreport.com@HawkBrown@CHawkbrown

There are 23 vulnerable  Democratic Senators that are for reelection in the 2012 ‘Drop Dead” election.  Reid  will allow the weakest candidates to not vote on the debt fiasco bill.  Therefore , they will not be contaminated by a vote to lower our national debt and will remain true as a good tax and spend politician to their constituents.

Otherwise, the Democrats could lose the Senate and the country could get off the 46  years of Congressional dole and return to an economy of  Free and Sensible Markets.   Of course, the government will never relent to a  good time for all and always somebody will be down and out and we will let them learn something about failure.  The Government never admits failure; they just add more money to the problem.

The treasury going broke; I think not.  They print the paperbacks don’t they.  Maybe, the Washington crowd should have to live like the rest of us.  Toting that bale and loading that barge.

I want to be a “Fat Bird” in our nation capital living off the wealth of the land of the Dumb Voters.   Can a bird run for one of these high perches in the land of make believe.  I’m dusting off  my feathers and cleaning my cage; hand me that copy of the Washington Post and I will be out of here.

We are going to Washingtunn?

A Real Bird++++~~~~….D.C.