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Justice Clarence Thomas’ vote on the ObamaCare to be Compromised/on the hawkreport.com

Because of his wife’s activities and because of his race.   Pressure to be placed on him to not to vote on this Legislation.  If he doesn’t vote : I predict  a 4 to 4 tie.

It is sad that the make up of the Supreme Court has become a political Toy of the Nation and not the other Equal Branch of Government.  It has the Right to evaluate the laws Congress makes as to their Legal  Constitutionality and not to some mandated terms of  misconstrued  extremist.   If we are to survive under the Rule of Law, we need some control of our leaders and Lawmakers.  These people are appointed to serve the majority of the people not just a few lawyers and gutless politicians.

Maybe a few of the people in Washington will leave and move into the hinterland and get a job producing something.

They would be good cleaning up the messes that they created for the rest of  US  poor and over paid Civil Servants.

Away Bird Dog man,



Perry/Cain Ticket could win for the Republicans/on thehawkreport.com

All the other candidates have jumped on Perry so much they may not want to run with him as VP.

I believe if Perry hangs in there and shows what he is made of and not just a phony and if he could muster the qualities that is needed to handle the job of President;  he could win in the Drop Dead2012 election.  Earning the right to be able to handle the presidency is the reason for the campaign.  Just running is not the qualifications for being a good President; Romney is an example of that and that’s the case for “Accidentally Elected Obama” which makes the point exactly; the vote was against Bush and not for a rabid speaker for change and collectivism.

I agree Perry may not be everything or the best man for the job, but that person is not running.  That person is not running and doesn’t want to be subject to the character assassinations of the press and the opposition lawyers with their made up innuendos and lies.  The country is fortunate to have a candidate that shows up with any moral convictions at all.

I’m sure any one aiming for this high office will stump their toes and cause outcries from the opposition and the Medias.

To get the vote you have to break a few egos and move to a level of power for the Office of the Presidency.

Political Lapdogs Beware.

The Hawk has landed on the real stuff.

You mean Me.

Yes, No

Gov. Perry is not a Neophyte Neapolitan and has Special Leadership Abilities/on thehawkreport.com

It looks like we found the right person with certain traits to carry out the job of President.  How close can you get to the people with someone who can herd the cattle in Washington.  The Establishment  will moo and bellow with familiar sounds of  legal coyotes and rustlers.  The down to Earth approach to an seemingly unsolvable problems will melt away with self interest bimbo Politicians.  Move in with the Power of the People who are not interested in saving any petty groups or insincere compassion’s with stupid so called legalese regulations and Laws.

Tired of the Media Lapdogs pushing all their bias feelings of  FEAR and HATE; they are managed by bosses that want to shape the Political Landscape for their own personal gain.  These parrots that read the NEWS have to be as perfect as possible, but the writers are the real ones who make it fact or fiction.  Words do carry meanings and direct your thoughts.  You must be strong and fearless cause these Birds are after your soul and your unintelligent vote.  You don’t want to lose your soul and your VOTE is not for sale.

Out on the Range, Hawk


How the Rich get Richer and the Poor get Rich too/on thehawkreport.com

And not renege on our National Debt.  Great:  sounds too good to be true.

Since every body wants to pay more on all their Incomes: keep paying it.  However, here’s a better idea.

You could do away with the Income Taxes completely after all the money rolls in from a meager (less than 1/10 of one percent)of your      “NET WORTH TAXES”.  Anyone with a Net Worth of 50.000 or less would not have to pay any NW taxes, but would have to pay all other Miscellaneous taxes.   Do away with the Income tax and make all the money you can and pay on you net worth taxes finally.  A two page tax form and one bottom line for the IRS.

This would take Legislative action to change this 99 year old tax Law (passed in 1912 to tax the rich, but ended up taxing the Poor and the Middle Class).  Let’s celebrate the “2012 Income Tax demise; Congress get on your horses and giddy up.  Whoa!

Probably 90% would end up paying a small amount and the country could get back on track and the Dollar would rise and be a strong currency again.  We have everything going for US, so let’s get with the MONEY THING.  The world loves the dollar and the American  spirit of ingenuity.  Can you believe this is the road to prosperity for the masses.

Not a foolish Bird,


Obama says he will run against Bush and all Republicans again in 2012 Election /on thehawkreport.com

He can’t run against himself can he?

It worked so well; why change it?  Besides he thinks he has the votes left over from the last campaign against McCain and has money bilge ‘n from fund raisers TO  WIN  anyhow.   His handlers agree it’s the way to handle the ones who like him and doesn’t care about any thing much and he is doing pretty well for himself and most of us who voted for him have made out with helpful stimulus handouts.  This country is not just for the rich; it’s for us poor middle class and the under class who make less than 200k a year.  Another 4 years we could real make out like those penny pincher Reps and Independent Tea Par ‘tiers.   Soak the debt for awhile, Borrow money and let the taxpayer pay for it and only half of us  pay taxes anyway.

Where’s my SS check?

DID YOU KNOW?  ROMNEY WILL GET THE NOD/ANOTHER LOSER…  boy, what a break?  Da je vu..

Maybe another McCain.  If politics wasn’t so serious it would be a joke.

Check out how he can’t win on his Record on this web site.

Bird Poop,


Pres. Obama constantly forever campaigning; I would hate to pay his gas bill/on thehawkreport.com

The “Accidentally Elected President” is a great one for spending all his time running for this office.  He has no other gift to offer.  I can’t believe he has any idea of what it takes to be President.   According to some polls even his own party are beginning to wonder.  Not everything in Washington, D.C. is political, there is some work to to be done.

The Chief needs to take a vacation and play around and not be too serious, but it wouldn’t hurt to watch the store and the cash register.

Is he getting a little Gray at fifty from all this campaigning; it’s got to be tough.  Good thing he is still young enough to make all those  fund raisers.

One other thing the U.S. Constitution bars calling him King even though he acts like one.

His last Executive Order to curb Travel; maybe he is taking his own advise.  No?

I can be known as King.

Just a King Fisher, Hawk


Threat to Democratic Societies lies within the Nation/on thehawkreport.com

If the so called Liberal Democrats don’t destroy our Fundamental Nations Foundations trying to protect the poor and minorities with unenforceable Laws.  We will be lucky again, but we must be vigilant and stop them. If these people give up their Right to be poor for money; they will lose A Right to be Free.


Multiculturalism and Islamic Immigration could be a problem if they continue to Colonize the World.  The extremist want to take over the whole world and force a single Sharia Law on other cultures.  If the rest of the Religions do not accommodate; they will be done away with or put into subordinate Camp for the Non -Islamic.  We can’t let this happen for our sake or for their sake either.

This country is unique in that we can make it for everyone and if they want to make it Hell for them; it’s their decision.  They have only the threat and the suicide bomb; if they get more extreme.  We have the power to stop it from ending for them too.

This country has had it good so far since 911.  Don’t fret.  We are the greatest power and will remain so for a long time.  A few desert vermin are not so bad with their suitcase bombs and EDs.

All we need is the will and the instinct to survive.

A Real Bird, Hawk

The Economy could take off If?/on thehawkreport.com

CONGRESS or the PRESIDENT  have nothing to do with jobs.  Jobs are all Washington Political make believe rhetoric to show that those in power care.  They are handing out money to their friends and backers and are on articulating ego trips.  The whole bunch are not interested in jobs(they have a job); they want to continue the mass charade of doing something to create the impression of wasting time until the economy turns around.  It will turn around and the people will do it.

Here’s how to make the Economy grow immediately:   Push for the FREE MARKET SYSTEM with relief from Legal Restrictions.  Change the Tax Code to “The  Net Worth System” ; make all the money can and want and pay no income taxes.  It’s all  on this Web Site.

I predict when OIL goes below $40 dollars a barrel, a  dollar becomes a dollar, gold sells for the price to produce it($300 or less),  the  Socialist all die off and God takes us to a new Religious Awakening.

Just dreaming, Hawk

How to cut all Taxes and Balance the Budgets/ on thehawkreport.com

The way to do it is to move to a new taxing system. The one we have now is 99 years old and has been devastated by rewriting it every year.  The Congress talks about revising the complicated tax system , but this one  would be impossible to cure.  Their must be a Tax Committee in the House for Real Tax Reform, but they don’t work or know any thing about their job.  I have tried to contact them with no avail.  I will not give up.

The Budgets for the Federal and State Governments could be balanced and pay off all our debts and cause the economy to take off like a rocket is (are ready for this) to change the TAX SYSTEM  to the “NET WORTH SYSTEM” .  Starting to tax assets at one tenth of one percent over $50,000; this is only an example.  Everybody will have to pay a tax on that amount even the very rich.  If you spent the money and have no assets you pay nothing.  A booming economy.  The Tax Code could be reduced to 2500 pages.

When you change to the new tax you change over to it slowly.  All other taxes stay the  same and you start to move  into the new system.  Gradually you eliminate or adjust the remaining taxes.  Almost all the other taxes could be removed from the system and you send into the IRS a Two page form, one with information and one with a small percent of your total wealth. 

Why am I doing this?  ” PERRY” My gift to you for the Country.

I want to pay my real taxes. Hawk