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Control Freaks: They are the Narcissistic Fanatics and are very unhappy/thehawkreport.com

Masses wants to change the Way Business is done on WALL Street by picketing the parks and streets.  The Congress is the place to go for change.  These plunders are hoping for a rebellion that will lead to their Demise.

The “Tea Party ” was on the right track for changing the System with their take back the Nation..

Neurosis fanatics causes every body else to retreat to reevaluating their lives in a new world of protesting.  They are free to get together and party.  I want what everybody else has even though they did something and succeeded.  I was born.  I had nothing to do with it: two beings come together and there I was.  Therefore,I should not be left out in the cold; I should be Rich because it is only money: just give me some and I’ll be a happy Neurotic.

Can you Explain this?  NO!

Psycho Bird


ScrewBall with Chris Matthews is a good Parrot for the Liberal Media/on thehawkreport.com

In My Opinion his News Program is by left wing writers and he only reads their bias opinions.  It is sad that today that all of the so called TV moguls don’t believe what they (spout off) read;  if they want to get paid they have to do what the money backers want.  It is unfortunate they are caught in conundrum of directing political activities of a few power mongers.  How can we do away with these so called elite groups that want to control others  freedoms.  We could become smarter and don’t buy their advertising and turn off their barrages of psychobabble.  The digital era has caused the average person to re-evaluate his principles of money sources and and the price of his soul.

They may not go away. They are embedded into our society and the good life as we have known.  No more harassment from the Political Correction Groups.

I noticed that when these Anchors retire; they show their colors and show how they really feel about their careers.  No Regrets!   They duped their listeners and did it for money.  We all make mistakes.

Advice:  Listen to your on instincts and don’t give up your right to speak out.

A Bird can have a Peep>


Gov. Rick Perry is right on the Immigration in the State of Texas/on thehawkreport.com

Amnesty is not the total answer to the problem, but some sort of reasonable policy has to be reconciled.  The present ingrates in the Congress or the White House cannot  seem to make any effort to shape a Simple Temporary Bill to get started to a beneficial conclusion for US and our friends to the South.  These people or maniacs  are so embroiled in their own personal importance that they can’t  act  for the good of  country.   If they cannot do anything:  Move On Too!

The next Election is all we can hope for now.  Let’s make sure that there are no more dumb Politicians elected.  The world is outsmarting US daily.  Please some intelligent and qualified person step forward and run this great Nation.  No more neophytes.


A frustrated Bird.





Democrats don’t speak for “The American People”/ on thehawkreport.com

and neither do the Republicans.  On one Show “PoliticsNation”  on MSNBC they spoke of knowing what the the people WANT AND BELIEVE.  These mouth offs have no idea about what American People think or believe.   Their Egos are rapped up in Political confusing nincompoopery .   They reiterated “People ” and  “American People” over 65 times in the Show to add nauseum.  Programing can be tough sometimes and sorry.

I really like facts and would listen to all positions if it makes sense, but this personification insults my intelligence.   Of course, MSNBC  should switch to a more balanced effort to get reasonable people to believe  their Lefty singes.  They go the extra mile to play up to the poor and minorities and the uneducated to get their vote.   One of these days this too will change.

By the way, Obama is a real lefty.

This is the opinion of just a dumb Bird.

Nobody reads this STUFF anyway.