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Arizona’s Valentine Day Party on February 14, 2012/on thehawkreport.com/@HawkBrown

Valentine Day is the same day that Arizona became the 48th State of the Union.  President Taft signed the Proclamation in 1912 with 230,000 residents and today there  are 6,500,000  people here.  There will be a lot of visitors here to celebrate and you can bet they will love the weather and blooming flowers.

Every one wants to live here.

I’ll fly in, Hawk

Who’s NOT going to Vote for Obama?/ on thehawkreport.com

According to the polls 20 per cent of the Democrats will not vote for him in 2012, even though they voted for him for President.

Most Americans who are feed-up with the way things  have happened to the country.  Politicians are way down on the lists of people you want to associate with even though they have control over our lives.  The government is not right in Washington.  What can we do?  Frustration with people who speak , but do nothing to solve problems.

How do We the voters make a intelligent decision in the next election.

Republican candidates may come up with what is right  for America; let’s hope for a miracle>

A worried Bird.

If Gingrich survives 1 Billion Dollars of Negative Ads from the Democrats/on thehawkreport.com

He deserves to be President.  Obama has been running for the Office ever since he was elected and has not done any positive thing for the country.  By representing the Radical Left he has created chaos and Deadlock in the Congress and should not be reelected.

I think Gingrich would be a turn in the Right direction for a recovery of governmental policies .   We need  a change of basic principles and common sense.

Please , no more progressive tactics to embitter the populace.

The Hawk


Arizona the Promise Land_Everybody wants to live here/ on thehawkreport.com

Because of the wonderful climate and available amenities for lifestyles.   People are moving in with a second home because of beautiful homes with their prices below the market.  The traffic is up with all the “Snow Birds ” are here.   They come from every where up North,  Alaska,Wild Rose County, Wisconsin, Minnesota any place up North, Even Canada.  Some are buying houses here and hoping to live here some time in the future.

No earthquakes , no tornadoes, no hurricanes and no flooding as the other parts of the country endures, but just wonderful warming and dryness as in a semi-desert.
Advice :  Hang on to your land and properties because it will be very valuable.

Example:  Jerry Colangelo’s  35,000 acre Douglas Ranch West of Phoenix, AZ.

Good News , Hawk





To hear the Truth_It sure sounds crazy/on thehawkreport.com

All the spinning of the divided political scenes and the Absence of Budgets; the deadlocked of Congress to act.  The government keeps tinkering with the markets.  It’s enough to give silliness of the 1%  occupy protesters  and not the 99% which they advocate.  The  Tax System should be changed because it is not workable.

Every thing glued to a corrupt political system with no change in sight.  I can’t start to enumerate all the miscued happenings to this country lately;  it should be a wonderful place to work and live.

Crazy like a Hawk

DISCOVERY_You should be 8 to 10 inches away from your mirror/on thehawkreport.com

for makeup and shaving.  The present day bath rooms you stand several feet back from the sink and you cannot see the pours in your skin.  Even with good lighting there is no view of the makeup or anything like shaving or applying anything to the face.  So, extend your face over the sink and take a good look you will be amazed at the way you look up close.

I’m sure you women know that , but it was awakening to me.

Taking a good look.


Another MEDIA BLITZ_The Penn State fiasco, Murder Trials or Coruption/not on thehawkreport.com

Thank God they have video tape or the so called  news readers would lose their voices and minds and would ware out in a few days.  You can’t hardly get away from it; only if you go to the reruns like “Married with Children” or other repeats. Also, see next paragraph it is more discussing.

And the Commercials are so redundant; haven’t they thought of everything obnoxious to advertise many good products.  I admit they get my attention, but in away that I don’t want to buy the product or service.  I am sure the AD WORLD  has data that spells out the purchase of at least and additional 6 per cent more or secure product some identity.

And next, most of the ads are for cars and car insurance, gold and other insidious necessities:  that’s where the money is./

COMING SOON, on this website ” How to Watch TV”.

Too much lousy TV

Democratic Party should be worried about Obama’s ties to Communism/on thehawkreport.com

Even though he has Present ties to and are evident his past has been loaded with known Communist members.  All these Groups such as the  “Democratic Communist of America” backed him for the presidency and have had access to him in many incidents during his tenner in office.  I don’t believe Pres. Obama wants to do away with the Capitalist System entirely, but he wants to make more like China.

If the Democratic Party don’t want US to look like China or Russia or other Socialistic Societies : they should make him a One Term-er.   Four more years of him would put the END to America as we know it today.

The FUTURE of America is in the hands of the voters in the “Drop Dead Election of 2012″/ on thehawkreport.com

A choice,



China under pressure with it’s economy headed for a ‘Bubble’/ on thehawkreport.com

All the Independent  Reports coming out of  of  Hong Kong and other districts indicate there is some over spending in China.  The rapid growth of the economy at double digits has caused some mistakes to be made in many sectors of the allocations of funds.  For example,  The large Dam Projects and migration problems from the hinterland and of coarse the “The World Recession Bubble”.  Nothing ever shows up from the Communist Party News sources that indicates a misfire of the over regulated economy.  However, there are some leaks in the rate of growth down from 12% to %8.5.

Also, Keep in mind the over all drop in Exports to the U.S. and their European Finances and Exports if the EU fails.

India is also headed for a major dip in rate of growth; down %3.5 the last quarter.

So, keep a lookout for important changes in China’s economy.


Following the winds.

NEWT has grown in character to be the President/ on thehawkreport.com

The process is necessary to handle the big job.  The  people need someone who has ability to not just talk, but needs to facilitate the job  in Washington.  We need a seasoned  Politician to take on the Congress and be able to be a charismatic President as well.

Unlike the the last neophyte;  Newt needs to set the stage for leading and bringing the powers of government to free the people up so they can work and motivate their lives.  Get the government out of our lives and we the people will be richer and can pay our bills and pursue happiness.

FREEDOM is not free; you  must continually fight to keep it.

This vote is vital in 1012.

Vote, Newt


Correctness of the Color Line lifts its Brand of Social Justice/on thehawkreport.com

What is it about this color of your body that makes some people feel less of a human being.  They feel discriminated against and need a Law to help them get over their feelings of inadequacy.   Since it is a personal thing; it will have to be solved by the  individual; this is almost in all cases the way to reach their goals.   Of course they will have to band together and demand Social Justice to ameliorate their plight of past and present injustices.  This unachievable goal still boils down to discrimination against people who want to make their own choices and not be led down the path of no return.  Right or wrong the Freedom to choose is important to any future societies;  if this dies then all is lost.  Well, well let’s  move on and make people happy with more LAWS  to just do that.  Why not?

More Laws for All and All Laws for More!


A Multicolored  Bird,





EARTHQUAKES_ Information on what causes them/on thehawkreport.com

The Rocky Mountain Arsenal North of Denver, CO experienced earthquakes in early 1970’s because of pumping waste or slug into cavities under the Arsenal.  In less than a year Denver who never had an earthquake had an 3.2 quake centered at the Arsenal; so they stopped the pumping of slug in to the underground structure.  They start pumping again and in 90days the Earthquakes started to occur at about the same at 2.9 on the scale.  They stopped and the commander ordered a study to determine if the was any causation with the pumping of the slug into the underground cavities.  Nothing was never heard from the study, but the earthquakes stopped.  This was a small test , but it shows that changes even with the pumping in slug into the substructures will cause a shift in the fault zones.

I majored in Geology and I suspect that “Pumping trillions barrels of Oil from sands near Fault Zones”  can participate an Earthquake.

I know this seems minor evidence , but in this case it was true.  I have always wondered about this for years.

If you have any thing to add contact/thehawkreport.com/ Please comment.

An educated Rock Bird, Hawk

Gifford’s says she will make decision soon/on thehawkrepor.com

The Arizona Congress Woman is still strong and wants to carry on, but must make a choice about her situation.  Tragedy comes to all of us sometimes and we face it.

The unbelievable happened.

The saddest of all.



Jetting off to the HAWAII_APEC_Can We do business?/on thehawkreport.com

Hawaii my native land and the most beautiful State; a great place to vacation and do The Political Appearance of  Achieving National Goals.  The meetings here are to accomplish SOMETHING for our Country’s growing masses.  We have the means to help each other and grow our economies; let’s move on it, not just talk about it.  Like on the hawk report “How the rich get richer and the poor get rich too”; where the metal hits the road and ideas spring forth for a the job well done.  If nothing gets done we just wasted 4m dollars on a vacation to Hawaii again.

We were just meeting for fun and no results; no jobs, staying home would have been better and saving money and the environment.

I’m landing; Now



GINGRICH on Top now< so let get on with it/ on thehawkreport.com

Uncle Newt has seen the way to the White House.  He has the resume’ for the job.  Watch for the Democrats to begin their personal destruction of  him.  Their money will deal many, many blows to drive the voters away.  Politics is ruthless when the target is in sight.

They have 1B to spent to save this Obama Presidency.
Let medias begin the assault all Republicans for the survival of the fittest.

Coming thru for the country, Hawk

Peep! The U.S. to abandon ISRAEL if they hit IRAN/on thehawkreport.com

ISRAEL will not exist for long if they lose the Defense help of the Obama Administration.  Hannity reported today their may be something up between the U.S. pressuring the Israel PM to lay off their attack by the end of the year.   The other nations have been involved, so nothing is fact yet.  Rumors are flying that Iran has the BOMB.  Diplomacy may not pull US out, so watch out.

The Muslims took over Europe before (Check “Religious Dogma is conquering Europe” on this web site>

We are still the most powerful nation so far.

P.S> If they come for Israel; we will be next.


Happy New Year.


How to overcome Political Correctness/on thehawkreport.com

Learn to Speak Mexican and Speak in the Mexican Language; they don’t have the hangover of correctness brought on by the governmental correctness Laws.  People in the limelight cannot speak in terms of understanding without hurting someones feelings or walking on their legal rights and getting sued;  so grossly fatal in our so called dismissive society TODAY.  You are put in the pigeon hole of  Persona non Grata forever.  We demand perfection?  Git the picture.


A Human Bird?


Gingrich/Cain ticket to win for the Republicans/on thehawkreport.com

They together could be a team to bring back the country to solvency.  Gingrich has a record as Speaker to balance the budget and Cain has a sense of put things in place for a saving grace for our failing government.  I hope the Nominating Convention will see the light and make a winning decision.  Politics doesn’t always make best choices for the nation, but it is getting to the point for them to do the right thing.

Electing a President shouldn’t be this hard: the media keeps asking for more inhuman performances.

The Chicago Political Model is not right for the country and should be abandoned.

A physic Bird, Hawk

The “GINGRICH” that stole Christmas from the Democrats in 2012/on thehawkreport.com

Gingrich is the up and coming real Conservative Presidential contender for the race to the White House.   He emits a sound alternative to the other  seekers with limited knowledge to make this Nation No. 1 again.  The politicians in Congress are not a picture of what we need to save the US from total oblivion.  The world is waiting for US to get our act together and save people from extinction..

Real honest Politicians for America will work again.  Let’s give the ‘Jokers” boot  and vote them out.


Do the Deed, Hawk