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PEEP! Every House and Business should have their own Power source NOW/on thehawkreport.com

I suggest that all new Homes and all new buildings have their own energy such as Mini-nuclear, solar or natural source NOW.

Where are all the inventors nowadays?  Why aren’t these people doing what their natural  instincts tell them?  The great “Human Industrial Revolution”  is just beginning.  Great companies of the U.S. like “Westinghouse” and others should be looking into this great opportunity to be even bigger.  Maybe not.

We have government entities like NRC, the EPA, the DO and dozens others  all stopping any new inventions from becomes a reality.  The only country doing anything NEW is China this is because they haven’t reached the benign stage of non ingenuity.

How can America grow if no one wants to take a risk?  Return to the small power systems which would be more efficient.

It is ridiculous to send large amounts of power over great distances and lose 0ver 10% to the air.  Utilities should be left to large complexes and mega Cities.

Birdie on the power line.

C  Hawk

The Democrats don’t have to do anything; just blame the Republicans/on the hawkreport.com

Since the Democrats have been in charge the government has failed to function.  The House has passed Bills and made efforts to move the other Party from more failure.  Railroading the people of the country with all kinds of  mandates and costly programs is intolerable for the American people to understand.  Protesting against the wrong places and causing innocents to be thrown into  misplaced positions is stupid and ineffective.

The Republicans are accused of doing nothing is not the case, but they are doing the real work for good Representation.

Chicago style politics doesn’t work in Washington.  Please move on.

My Opinion, Hawk

Iran to return Drone/onthehawkreport.com

They have no reason to keep it.  They will eventual return it for some mutual benefit to them.  If President Obama works it right he could make a different approach to the Iran.  This regime needs to make some new efforts to become a part of the World of Normal Nations.

Iran would like to have a better relationship with the U. S. ; but they need to fine a way to do it.  Obama’s appeasement may be a way for them to return to good standing of nations.

Obama needs a little LUCK to stay in power.  So far he has not been so lucky.

A good luck charm,  Hawk

GATES backing Mini Reactor/onthehawkreport.com

The great American Enterprise has the where for all to accomplish the impossible.  Why not a very cheap Mini Reactor for households and all kinds of businesses.  Toshiba and other countries are working on it: they are way ahead of the U. s. in some ways.  This is the wave of new and innovative s that could help save the planet.

The wasted money that is supposed to be spent on Global Warming could be diverted to a more sound usage.  GORE;  what are you working on?  There are more important things besides money.  Do something great for the earth.

An endanger Bird, Hawk

RON PAUL is winning in the Iowa Caucus/on thehawkreport.com

The number one Iowa Caucus seems to be going to Ron Paul. I predict he will win and He has a possible chance to be President.  It might help the GOP become a party with a Libertarian slant.  They embellish a lot of that Party’s issues and would make them more inline with Conservatives.

Death to the old GOP skulduggery and on with the NEW GOP.

A Breath of fresh air; The Hawk

How about using the Nuclear Waste from Power Plants for a Home Power Plant/on the hawkreport.com

Someone needs to come up an invention to use the depleted waste from the large nuclear Power Facilities.

Any ideas from the Great American Spirit of Innovation and Enterprise.

Or just another good idea wasted because it is impossible to work.

A Stupid Bird. Hawk

Ron Paul gaining in the polls: could it be?/on the hawkreport.com/@HawkBrown

This is the only Real Candidate stating the Right Party line.  He deserves the votes he is getting by being up front in his Debate Appearances.  If he keeps this up he will be a factor in this next election.  Of course, he takes a sledge hammer to the political cronies and political Kingmakers turf.

The maybe the wake up call for the GOP.

The Democrats are not to happy at the charade either.

The wanderer, Hawk

Special Report “Robin Hood Obama” is/ on thehawkreport.com

This Rabble Rouzer  from the streets of Chicago has taken over the treasury of the rich and famous and he and his Merry Men will ruin this country.  He has robbed from the Middle Class mostly and now wants to soak the Rich.  It’s O. K. to rob the rich, but the ones that support all productive efforts is not too Kosher.  With  $35,000  a pop in fund raisers,  he should get enough to take some long trips with the best of the Elites of the world.  I agree nothing is too good for this President; he has been speaking all the time and any time, if that’s the job;  he does it well.  How about cajoling the other Elected Bodies into passing a Balanced Budget and Less government intrusion.  Maybe, that’s his replacements job.

It’s all on thehawkreport.com/

Bye,Bye Birdie(Robin).

The Real Bird,  Hawk

Pres. Obama should do away with all Wars/on thehawkreport.com

He has left Iraq and will leave Afghanistan before the end of his term.

Here is some advice:  He should eliminate all wars; including the War on drugs.  He has already working on the War on Poverty by giving away money to the poor and the minorities.  Think of all the money you could save if you could do away with this stupid non- working efforts of futility.  He could stop spending (cut) if he wanted to, but it is not his nature to take from the rich and give to the poor.

Coming up next “ROBIN HOOD OBAMA” on this station.

Check out some other good words about Politics on this website.

The Hawk is rising,


PEEP! President Obama can’t do anything about anything but spend 1 and 1/2 Trillion/on thehawkreport.com

When he came into office he didn’t know how bad it was and he still doesn’t know.  It’s  not his fault he didn’t know.  I gave jobs to 7500 people who don’t know anything about anything, so it must be those other guys that say they know something about what to do; but I’m in charge so Me being THE President I get to decide what I don’t know.  I didn’t know how much I could decide not knowing how bad it was.  I did decide to take off and enjoy my time I have left because this is too good too be true to not know how bad it was when I got Here.  I appointed all these people who didn’t know anything and they have jobs now.   I know I can create jobs and I pay damn well with that borrowed money.

“Please Don’t Help Me, I Can Help Myself”.

Is Air Force One ready?  I’m ready to go.


A real bird.

The Legal Eagles and how we Endanger them/ on thehawkreport.com

Are lawyers necessary?  I wrote about them earlier and I don’t appreciate them being involved in  all parts of my endeavor and physical bad habits.  If  lawyers are necessary they should limited to their own backwash of injuries they cause to humanity.  I once met good lawyer “He said he never lost a case”;  You are my lawyer ; until he lost my case.  Then I found out what he meant “He meant he always made money on the people he represented.

The BEST Lawyer I ever met was “one who had a Partial Lobotomy”.  He was the nicest guy.  My Ex-wife can vouch for that?  All true.

anther endangered Bird, Hawk

The NEXT AMERICAN REVOLUTION is in ENERGY and MEDICINE/@nextenergynews/@toshiba.com thehawkreoprt.com

Here are some ways to develop new Consumer needs that will make the Earth a better place to live.  This is possible with our technology and means to capitalize on new and inventive products.  The world is waiting for the unemployed to get to his  garage and come up with this ingenious patentable device to move this free market system for the person who wants to be RICH.

Here are some ideas to make you RICH:

(1)   A cheap nuclear reactor for Households.

(2)   Change the way medicine is obtained for the maintaining human life.

(3)    Change the Political System and Government Regulations..

(4)    Work on making all products Cheaper than China.

(5)     Create lie detector for government officials and lawyers.

(6)     Create a Fail System for all goods and services.

Of course,  this isn’t anyway away to get going;  it just some thoughts.

Other countries are working on it; how about using some of that green money they are giving away.

AL GORE where are you when we need you?

I’m just a small Bird,   Hawk




Trump could pull another Ross Parot and let Obama win/on thehawkreport.com

Parot got 19% and the Democrat Bill Clinton won with 43% of the votes in 1992.  If he runs he better win.

I don’t think he could win unless he gets the Republican nomination.  The Kingmakers in the party will not allow him to get the nomination.  They are very proud of their role in selecting a President.

Vote Trump if you can?


How about developing a very small cheap Nuclear Reactor for each Household?/on thehawkreport.com

This could be the next great wave for business to begin a new revolution.  Of course, this would take some innovation and independent capital.  It could be done within the next few years with the profit motive behind it.

The wasted global warming money could be diverted to make it worth the effort.

Would some body read this website and get things going””’.

A radiant Bird,


Stock Market may get a Christmas Bounce, but watch out afterwards/on thehawkreport.com

The markets are so irrational and it keeps making the Traders money by large ups and large downs.

I PREDICT:  the markets to swoon the first month and so the early New Year will be down.

The 10yr T-bills will hit 1.78 during the first half of 2012.

Not much good news to report.

The Hawk

Reaper Peep! There is no such thing as a “Hyphonated American”/on thehawkreport.com

If you were born here, you are an American.  There is no other meaning.  If you got citizenship papers, you can enjoy the rights so designated.  A Story:  A friend wanted to move up to a higher position and she said “I will never get the job because I’m a Mexican”  I said “You were born in Mexico”?  She replied, “No I was born in California”.  I commented, ” Then you are an  American”.  She got the job because She was an American not because she thought she was of Mexican decent.  A true story.

Calling you self other than really what you are can be profiling;  but some people living in this great country and solicit favor or gain sympathy because of pass inequalities.

Pull yourself together and get your life on the right path for you;  not what designated expert Political Groups screams.

If you are ‘Hyphenated:  you are not a real American.

All American, Hawk

UPDATE_Leaving after signing Bills/ Dec.23rd shuffling off to HAWAII for a 17day vacation/on the hawkreport.com

He should be back after the Christmas and New Year Holidays.  Since He became our elite President, he has taken more vacations and caused more expenditures of any known human being.  The last visit cost around 6 million of the countries treasury.

Here is a break down of  expenses:

Local Police $350,000, Air Force One Plus backup !.5 Million, Staff and additional Staff $600,000, Coast Guard  beach surveillance with speed boat for 17 days $300,000,  Local rental of 7,000 beach front Home with all the exquisite amenities$75,000-$450,000, all other expenses not listed  with a total of $6 million vacation bill.

If the Congress cannot do anything to this extravagant President by changing the LAW. The Yearly total bill for this President is 1.4 Billion Dollars.


Let’s call in this Bird.


I wish I was in HAWAII .