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PEEP! President Obama can’t do anything about anything but spend 1 and 1/2 Trillion/on thehawkreport.com

When he came into office he didn’t know how bad it was and he still doesn’t know.  It’s  not his fault he didn’t know.  I gave jobs to 7500 people who don’t know anything about anything, so it must be those other guys that say they know something about what to do; but I’m in charge so Me being THE President I get to decide what I don’t know.  I didn’t know how much I could decide not knowing how bad it was.  I did decide to take off and enjoy my time I have left because this is too good too be true to not know how bad it was when I got Here.  I appointed all these people who didn’t know anything and they have jobs now.   I know I can create jobs and I pay damn well with that borrowed money.

“Please Don’t Help Me, I Can Help Myself”.

Is Air Force One ready?  I’m ready to go.


A real bird.