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The NEXT AMERICAN REVOLUTION is in ENERGY and MEDICINE/@nextenergynews/@toshiba.com thehawkreoprt.com

Here are some ways to develop new Consumer needs that will make the Earth a better place to live.  This is possible with our technology and means to capitalize on new and inventive products.  The world is waiting for the unemployed to get to his  garage and come up with this ingenious patentable device to move this free market system for the person who wants to be RICH.

Here are some ideas to make you RICH:

(1)   A cheap nuclear reactor for Households.

(2)   Change the way medicine is obtained for the maintaining human life.

(3)    Change the Political System and Government Regulations..

(4)    Work on making all products Cheaper than China.

(5)     Create lie detector for government officials and lawyers.

(6)     Create a Fail System for all goods and services.

Of course,  this isn’t anyway away to get going;  it just some thoughts.

Other countries are working on it; how about using some of that green money they are giving away.

AL GORE where are you when we need you?

I’m just a small Bird,   Hawk