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PEEP! Every House and Business should have their own Power source NOW/on thehawkreport.com

I suggest that all new Homes and all new buildings have their own energy such as Mini-nuclear, solar or natural source NOW.

Where are all the inventors nowadays?  Why aren’t these people doing what their natural  instincts tell them?  The great “Human Industrial Revolution”  is just beginning.  Great companies of the U.S. like “Westinghouse” and others should be looking into this great opportunity to be even bigger.  Maybe not.

We have government entities like NRC, the EPA, the DO and dozens others  all stopping any new inventions from becomes a reality.  The only country doing anything NEW is China this is because they haven’t reached the benign stage of non ingenuity.

How can America grow if no one wants to take a risk?  Return to the small power systems which would be more efficient.

It is ridiculous to send large amounts of power over great distances and lose 0ver 10% to the air.  Utilities should be left to large complexes and mega Cities.

Birdie on the power line.

C  Hawk