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Peeper! I just had dinner with a millionaire/on thehawkreport.com/@HawkBrown

He said “I bought a lottery ticket Wed. and I’m in for the big payoff”.  Millionaires are just ordinary people and you really look ordinary.  What can you do with all that money: pay off the national debt.  “No! I would go out and buy a nice car” and then I would go and hide out in a nice cave with no phones or TV.  Don’t tell anybody I would be an ordinary millionaire.

Where’s that cave?  Where’s that bat stew I order?

Money Bird, Please don”t call. Hawk

A Grasshopper goes into a Bar. The bartender says”We have a drink named after you” You mean you have drink named “Bob”

That’s all folks. The crow Caws.  The bird crows. Set um up Hawk.

Peep! Santorum could do the most for the country and bring back civility/@ChawkBrown

The Obama administration has not proven to be good for the General Welfare of the nation.  A lot of negative programs and poor management of our resources and respect for our basic principles.  The “Accidental Elected President” had no idea what it takes to run the country.  Being the Chief takes more than having fun and speaking to much.

He is doing better, but this is not good enough for US.  He let’s others like the Congress make the deals and he just signs on their misguided efforts of  legislation.  He is suppose to be the Leader and not the follower.

He’s never had it so good and he knows it.  Too bad he didn’t learn that sooner; too late now he is gone.

Just another bird.

C Hawk

SUPREME PEEP! Obama Care is the LAW/on thehawkreport.com@ChawkBrown

Even though the Democrats committed coercion and made promises to pass it; they did it. The President signed it: it is the law of the land.  The Law is already affecting the health care  providers and a small amount of people. It will be in full force in 4 years.  The beneficiaries don’t know what  it will do.  There are the ones that it takes away benefits (like the old and the very old): it will be let them struggle and die.

I predict the Supreme Court will let the Obamacare  law stand in some form.  Even if it fails it will be part of the next decade of Heath care confusion.

It is the responsibility of all citizens to maintain their health and not the Government.  Fewer intrusions by the beau racy the better.

A “sich” Bird



In the future.  They are the largest producer and purchasers of the precious metal. How long it will take to accomplish is unpredictable, but to be the world power is their goal.  See “Gold as a useless commodity” on this website.

The Communist Party will control the Yuan and hold down it’s value.  This will make it easier to implement.

There could be some problems with the plan such as the rise of the middle Class and freedom of information.

A worldly Bird, Hawk



and get votes of many Democrats by revising a NEW Health Care Plan.

The Republicans need to win The Senate and the Presidency.  I have the answer:

before or at the Republican Convention.

(1)   The  ROMNEY/RYAN Ticket

Paul likes Romney and Newt likes Ryan

It is LAW  and cannot be stopped by Executive Order.

(3)    The U.S. Supreme Court will not deny it all together.

They will eliminate parts of it.

A Winner will come when the voters realize that Pres. Obama needs to go because of his bad policies in almost all areas.  However, The $1B negative media ads by Obama Super Packs will be difficult overcome.  It will take Independents,Tea Party, Republicans, Libertarians and Democrats to get back our love for a nation.

Next, a Balanced Budget and New Fair Tax System.  Cut spending in the next 4 years and eliminate Thousands of Congressional useless LAWS with no funding and no means to enforce.

We need a change back from this terrible Change that this “Trillion Dollar Man” has run up.

I don’t say this is perfect , but let’s do something like it.

C Hawk



Coming to thehawkreport.com “The Obama Plans” and How the Republicans WIN the 2012 election? We have the answers>

Special Reports will appear here within the next few days, Stay tuned.  the best plans and analysis on any website.

C  Hawk