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Peeper! Why do the Democrats win Elections?/on thehawkreport.com@HawkBrown

They count the votes of Large Groups of Voters and concentrate on what it takes to get their votes.  You see it all the time; for instance, the NEA, the UAW, the NAACP, the GAYS, the LaRAZA, the Gov’t Employees Union, the Teachers Unions, the Needy Etc. Etc. Etc.: on an on.  Forty years or more to offer legislation to any large Group of voters and offer them taxpayer monies as a  way of sustaining  the Party.  They maintain the majority and hold most of the cards.

Politics has no Moral Code to abide by and has only one real purpose: THE PARTY THAT GETS THE MOST VOTES WINS.

It is up to voters to be informed and intelligent.  Politicians run for office for power over you and your lifestyle and really don’t care about you personally.  You are just another vote on their ladder for them to obtain fame and fortune.

Good Advice: Guard your vote with PASSION.

Be smart, C Hawk


PEEPing! Who Will be Romney’s running mate?/on thehawkreport.com@HawkBrown

If Romney gets to the Republican Convention in Tampa, FL and doesn’t have the 1144 Delegate votes on the first round of voting.  Ron Paul could move in and supply enough to put him over the top.   What would Paul get in return; a VP spot.  Not a real bad idea because Paul has dedicated followers and would be good for the Republicans  and add the solid voters to Romney’s 43% of voters he has now.

I don’t think Romney can win the way it stands today.  Let’s hope things will change.

Check thehawkreport.com and see how Pres. Obama wins easily.

Wake up America “Politics is about lets make a Deal”.  Let’s win this time.

A dismayed bird. Hawk

Repeep! China to try to Bankrupt the dollar/on thehawkreport.com@HawkBrown

The Obama Administration has sold the American Dollar out to China by creating massive Debt with no way to pay it back.  If Pres. Obama gets (4) four more years you can kiss your dollars goodbye.  YOU CAN TRADE DOWN TO THE CHINESE YUAN?

PLANNED IN A DECADE OR TWO: China to back their currency with gold and make their Yuan the new World Monetary System.  The rest of the countries have tried to banish the American Dollar for years; yet it keeps hanging on as the most desired means of trade.

The EURO is in Europe and now Asia will have a new Yuan Monetary means to trade with the other nations.  China is buying and producing gold by the tons and will back it’s currency anyway it can to achieve it’s goal.

Their is Hope on this WEBSITE-“Fair Taxes, Real Tax Reform”  change the Tax Code to the “Net Worth System” and pay off the impossible Debt.

An endangered Species,  Hawk

Peep! Can Romney win and How can he?/on thehawkreport.com@HawkBrown

In my Opinion Romney can’t win with 43% of the popular vote.  Pres. Obama has already bought and paid for with Your taxpayer dollars  just about all of the Big Groups of Voters.  You know which ones I Am talking about.  Just name one he has not paid for their votes.  The Chicago way of insuring the re-election is in place and he don’t even have a Candidate to beat.  This Pres. doesn’t have any respect for no one unless he has put his mark on them.  He will stop at nothing to bring this unique country down to just another Dictatorship.

There is little hope only if the voters vote against Obama like they voted against Bush in 2008.

Even though he has paid for their votes; they could be so feed up with Him they don’t follow Obama  like sheep and elect Romney.  In politics this seldom happens because pundits don’t care who gets elected.  Most voters believe Politicians are worse part of the human race.  It means very few honest candidates get elected; they have to lie to your face to win.  When they are in office they know they lied and spend the rest of their terms covering up by personifying  to themselves and their constituents. To prove the point The Congress is liked about 10% of the time.  The Executive Branch is about the same and the Supreme Court not doing their job defending the Law of the Land.  Besides they are all a bunch of Lawyers and I learned to never trust your own Lawyer; he can be your worst enemy and you also pay big for him to do a good job.

Remember don’t trust politicians. C Hawk

“The Obama Machine” Chicago style Political Organisation that will win at any cost/ thehawkreport.com@HawkBrown

In My Opinion: Pres. Obama should win for a second Term easily.  He has laid the ground work by using the incumbency and the Treasury to buy votes.  Unless something stratospheric happens:; He should be re-elected.   The Media proffers him.  He has people in high place now and he can wing it with out the Teleprompter.  1B in negative Ads and not a Strong Candidate in sight.: He must be smoking a cigar.  This must be because it’s never been so good; let’s party at The White HOUSE Next year. .

Now He has endorsed the Gays with his position on Same Sex Marriage.  Clearly a political choice to pick another group of voters.  No loss all gains.

Of course let’s have some fun!

Party down, Hawk

Peeper! Pres. Obama feeling his Cheerios’ cause He thinks He can be re-elected?on thehawkreport.com

Issuing Executive orders an usurping the power of  Congress and the people.  He is the President, but as such can He take away our Freedoms and thoughts of a wonderful life.  Do We as a nation have to endure such foolish controls over our lives just because of this Man.  This President seems to be out of line and out of touch with the American people.  How can anybody rationalize a vote for this questionable leader.

The “Accidentally Elected  Leader” is hurting the nation and SHOULD NOT BE RE-ELECTED IN MY OPINION.

When they shut down “Tweeter” and “TheHawkReport” ;YOU may be next.

A free bird, CHawk

Peeper! TRUMP COULD WIN! If he could get the GOP nomination?/on thehawkreport.com@HawkBrown

BUT NO?  The Republicans have nominate another loser like McCain. Now Romney; running for six years and made promises and building a big following of proud political cronies and elected officials.  Romney cannot relate to the poor, the minorities, the labor Unions, the Hispanics, the Liberals, the Democrats and the Independents.  How can this man win? He can’t even relate to the Republicans(less than 43%). This is Hell of a mess as for the Party.

A better bet is to nominate Santorum; maybe he has enough Gaul to beat “The Obama Machine”. At least he can relate to all the electorate as a Good Family person and not an out right lying individual.  Of course, any person who can beat a Chicago style politician will be tough. Can good prevail against a corrupt other party when getting the most votes wins.

TRUMP COULD WIN: A the Republican Convention Tampa: throw the other Bums out and show your are not a stupid Party and you intend to be winner Now.

A Real Live Bird, CHawk


Peep! Romney cannot beat Obama/on thehawkreport.com@HawkBrown

Even with his millions.  Pres. Obama will rip him to threads with his Rich man TV Ads. The pres. has already bought and paid for the Votes needed to win.  He has used the Stimulus money to  pay off the teachers Union, his friends, the welfare recipients, the poor, the minorities, the Democrats, Big business, the Blacks, the Hispanics Etc,Etc.. You tell me how he can lose?  He even is cocky in his speeches now.

The economy will be booming, the markets will be up, unemployment will be lower, and all his so called buy me buddies will be donating like no end.

Pres. Obama is a visionary, but he is on the wrong agenda for a great nation or a greater one.

There is one HOPE from another visionary like Obama was when he beat Hillary.  His name is Richard Santorum.  A Reagan type conservative who is still running.

The best the GOP can do is nominate another loser.  All the Kingmakers say”Romney has it sewed up”  A republican Blooper. REMEMBER! DYNAMIC SANTORUM/


Just a stupid bird, C Hawk


Romney can’t WIN with 43% of Popular Vote/on thehawkreport.com@HawkBrown

No way can Romney against Pres. Obama.  The Hawk Report has assessed the outcome and with all the commotion that Romney is right this time.  History has made it clear that the GOP trends to make the same old mistakes by putting up it favorite Political dummy and losing .  Pres. Obama has a vision for the Country ,but it is wrong for most Americans.  Romney is the prime candidate for Obama”The rich against the poor and minority”.

Why hasn’t the Republicans won very many Presidential elections; it is because they are too cautious and afraid to bring in better people who can get the voters and their minds.  They get some old rerun politician and prop him up.  Someone NEW comes along they throw him to dogs and stick to their old ways. Reagan was an example.

The GOP could win by making it a psychological Race with a true and honest candidate similar to Obama.  Any one should be able to win against him, but they must be dynamic who can get or con the voters.

Remember, THE ONE THAT GETS THE VOTES WINS. It doesn’t matter how? Personality or Race or Union or Cheating or Coercion or Ballot stuffing or Buying votes or Promises or Fixing ,etc. etc.etc.  The Democrats art past masters at fixing the Elections for instance the Chicago Brand of winning and paying off the voters with taxpayer monies.  Pres. Obama has used your money to stay in office. Politics is payoff for the bribing the electorate; like in Russia their last election.

Pres. Obama is a Suety for the  Presidency.

More on this WEBSITE.

C Hawk

Peep! How the Republicans lose the 2012 Election? /on thehawkreport.com

If they nominate a candidate like McCain. Another  loser who lost in the 2008 election.  Santorum is right and if the GOP kingmakers don’t see that then all is lost.  Remember Reagan was right in ’76, Carter won; the same in ’92, another party line Senator, a loser.  These old hacks deserve all they can get , but this time Rommey should lay back and let a real visionary run.  Santorum is right to point out that Rommey fits the same old GOP loser image and to do the right thing this time because it is so important to remove Pres. Obama.

Trump is wrong because he thinks Rommey is good at making a deal like a ruthless CEO and Santorum doesn’t have Gaul to stand up to OPEC , China and World Leaders.  This not true; He has stayed in the race because he sees Republican Kingmakers taking it like it is already decided and the obvious is the way it is going to be.  Odd makers know how weird and afraid the Republicans are in making a good choice and always make it the simple losing Choice.

Let’s make sure you GOP’s don’t flinch this time.

Can a Bird speak, Hawk

Peepy! President Obama needs a friend/on thehawkreport.com@HawkBrown

The Pres. has plenty of people to talk too, but who talks to Him.  He hardly ever talks to people who knows how to get things working in America.  Is he still locked into a Progressive Ideology and minority rule?  The country was founded on different principles.  If there are more poor and organized minority with the Right to VOTE: then we just left the original intent of the Constitution.  The power shift is from the educated elite to the uneducated minority.  They will ruin the country with inept leadership and cause the fall for all of us.  Even though they have the right to Rule; I don’t think it will work with the world the way it exists today.  The  socialistic changes are profound and will only end in chaos.

Bye, bye Birdie

My World, Hawk

Peeper! The Tea Party, James Madison, Federalist No. 57,1788,/on thehawkreport.com@Chawkbrown

The purpose is to Create a “More Perfect Union” as part of Historical significance.

The Congress can make no LAW that will not have full operation on themselves and their friends, as well as, the great mass of Society.  The President has the authority as the Executive  to not sign a bill that does not meet the full effect of the Law.  The Congress makes the Bills and provides Funding. The Executive has to implement the Laws.  How can the President continue spending without a “Budget” or “Allocation of money from the Treasury”  unless the House of Representatives approves the money?  The Republicans control the House : JUST CUT OFF HIS SPENDING.  I must have miss something at least limit his spending.

I think I get it now; The Past Congresses passed Laws and they are still in affect and need funding, but  new laws are different, Yeah!

Answer! “ALWAYS HAVE TIME LIMITS ON ALL LAWS”.  They can always review for  their mistakes or their good deeds by future Congressional Members.  ‘NO LAW IS FAIR , EQUAL OR JUST AND NEEDS  ADJUSTING’.

Just another confused Bird, Hawk