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Peep Reality! Did you know that Apricots Seeds can help with Cancer?on the hawkreport.com@HawkBrown

The seeds contain a small amount of Arsenic and in the old days it was used as a cure for Cancer.  I grew up eating the Apricot Almonds because as a kid we had little to eat.  After the season and all the apricots were eaten the seeds covered the ground;  just crack them and they are delicious.  Sometimes you can find them in a health food store, but not very often.

There is a little research on this and you could check it out on the Internet.

Schempt  Farms in Chandler, AZ  has lots of apricot trees, let them know what they can do with the unused Seeds.

Seeds for a bird, Hawk

Peeping? Gold Traders and Marketeers Spending their Basic Gains to prop up the Gold prices/thehawkreport.com

Gold prices a rising because of the “Gold Bugs” are keeping it from falling.  The price of Gold is 5 times the price to produce and the “bubble” will burst.

One thing I Know “When them Dollar rises the price of Gold will fall in sequence to approximately amounts”.

If you desire more on Gold; type in the letters gold in the search block on the Web Site/thehawkreport.com

The Hawk

Peep! Tombstone may be going dry?/on thehawkreport.com@CHawkBrown@Hawkbrown

According to the “Arizona Republic” Tombstone, AZ  the Town Too Tough to Die maybe going dry;  not the booze but the spring water.  The U.S.  Forest Service has denied the town to make necessary repairs to the Springs in the Huachuca Mountains 26 miles away.  This area is protected by the 1964 Wildness Act and will not let even a wheel bar into the area to patch up the opening of the spring. They have posted guards to block the towns access to the springs and the government is standing firm to their original mandate.

This is called in bureaucratic lingo as “Regulatory  Rules” to stop everything that might endanger the safety and well being of the people and the environment and by the way  of a cool drink of spring water and the Pursuit of Happiness.  It is also called “Permit to get a Permit to get a Permit”.  It is also called “An Environmental Study” to get a Wheel bar into the protected area.  The “Constitution Says: It protects the Rights of One, not the power of many.  This will go to the “Supreme Court” for settlement probably.

Are all our Liberties lost by “The Rule of Law”?

A liberated Bird;  Hawk

Non Pooper? Republicans have forgotten whose in charge; Raise the Debt Limit/on thehawkreport.com@HawkBrown

The Congress can’t even cut spending ’cause they don’t have a”Budget” or the Power to stop the Executive (Obama) or the Senate from raiding the U.S.Treasury.

It is not because we are in recession; it is because they can do what they(“the Democrats” ) want to with absolute control over the purse strings”Spending”.  The Democrats have always looked at the U.S. Treasury as their own personal Kitty since FDR.  If they don’t care they will wreck the country?. That’s they way they have always operated; take the money and run.  They should never be in charge again; if they kill our wonderful country and our world financial dominance?  Do you agree?

Check out more on thehawkreport.com

I feel sorry full even as bird, Hawk

Peeper? What have we come to in this Country/on thehawkreport.com@HawkBrown

President Mitt is better than President Hussein.  What happened to the old fashion names from the Past presidents?  I know the world has changed and with limited letters in alphabet every body has screwed up names that look like Greek , Russian or Arabic.  Spellings and pronunciations are also impossible to comprehend  in English or caveman grunts.

To solve this problem, maybe we should come up with an internet language for the whole world.  When they talk to you or they you could say, “I speak WiFi Internet and can you utter digital and text sounds, Please”?

Their is a global economy; why not a global language?  Are we 10 years away from this phenomenon?

It’s about time some internet Facebook Geek starts to work on this 1B dollar project.

Start here.

adios, Bird man/ Hawk

A Peepe? Can the Republicans save the country from the Democrats/on thehawkreport.com@HawkBrown

Let’s look at the Democrats as the most provocative and most devious of the two main Political Parties.  One thing they know how to do is pay for their voters with the taxpayers money.  They realize every person has a price and they determine that as a group what that is and run on it.  Once they have their base they then attempt to destroy there opponents with distortions and lies  pulled from their play book and repeat it over and over until it become a “Truth” to the poor and uneducated voters .  No fair, equal or just treatment there on which they expound on racially so richly.   The Demos are the only Party for the poor and downtrodden; that’s their spiel, but it smells of dead fish.

You do like they do haveto give them credit this time that they got the “Dead Fish” from Chicago.  “The Obama Chicago Machine” is a political Socialist Regime not known to be tolerate of any personal thought or Freedom.   When the Crap settles Nov. 6th 2012 we will need a miracle to save US.

Our only HOPE is not to vote for the “Dead Fish”, but for the other Fish.  Maybe the smell will go away?

Smelly Stuff?

Hail to the Chief Dead Fish?

Just a bird with deodorant, Hawk

Bleeping Peep! All taxes especially Sales Taxes of over 10% Hurt the Economy@thehawkreport.com@HawkBrown

We will never get out of the recession if the State and Federal Governments doesn’t stop raising taxes on every thing.  Sales tax hurts the poor the most; taxes on food was a no no now it’s the highest.  Every thing to do with Money is taxed.  Why don’t do away with money and give everybody a Money Card like the Democrats have with a Trillion dollar limit.

If everything is Equal, Fair and Free just give them “A Money Card” and save on printing and cut all Costs by 200% saving 100% immediately.  Think about it?  Everything you need: just give “’em the MONEY CARD.

Let the Government take care of you totally. It’s Called Cost Reduction.

Welcome, Foreigners!

A rare bird. Hawk

Peeping?JPMorgan made Billions since the Bailout. Who’s raving about a mere 2B loss/on thehawkreport.com@HawkBrown

The Bank has a Reputation as always being a winner;  make one bad bet and the Congress and the Regulators jump all over you.  Nobody is talking about 40 to 50 billion they made in the last 5 years.  Don’t the Federal Government realize that they cannot control every little thing going on in Business.  The Policies of the present government are stupid and are  not what should be done in the future or the past.   From now on, every little deal has to be ok’d by some bureaucrat in Washington, DC.. I’m disgruntled.

How did we get to this state of affairs?  Will common sense ever prevail again?

Where is our leadership to stop this morass of DUMBNESS in our beloved country?

My feathers are ruffled. Would The Party please pass me my Tea?

A rare bird, Hawk






Peep! What does it take to be a good CEO?on the hawkreport.com@HawkBrown

The first thing he or she must be is “Ruthless” about the bottom line. Charming and carry a big character reference or various styles of motivating the best people money can Buy.  A hoarder of money; understand the  fruit of money and play with the numbers of the Business 24/7 and never taking leave of absence.  No family life and no behavior or bad habits and self educated with egregious Ego.  He must pay himself first and according to his believed self worth; similar to a politician or con man.  He must believe if he needs it and don’t get it someone else will. Never blame himself and always be not guilty of  breaking any LAWS or PROMISES.  Let the other person do the time and you are a victim of  others malfeasance.  If you are summons;  plead innocent and always have an alibi;  it was the other guy.  Never admit to anything.  Always be above the Law and avoid Government Watch dogs and followup with details and friendly witnesses.  You must make MONEY or you are dead meat and headed for oblivion.

MY ADVICE: Use this wisely and Good Luck!

A stinin’  bird>


Peeper!The Democrats have all the Cards:The Race Card, The Gay Card, The Latino Card, The MoneyCard,The Health Card Etc

How can they lose?  The Republicans have pulled another Boner by nominating a loser.  They will beat Romney to a pulp as the Rich Man against the poor.  Pres. Obama has already bought and paid for all the large groups of voters; the Unions, the Poor and Jobless, the Liberal Appointments, the Hollywood crowd, the Billionaires, the College Kids, the Smokers, the Blacks, the Muslims, the Illegals, the Environmentalists, the Civil Service, the TSA.  Shall I go on?

The Republicans should concentrate on Winning the Senate.  A little Hope with LUCK.

I hate to disappoint myself and you, but this doesn’t look good in my opinion.

I’ll eat my tail feathers if  Mitt WINS.

Bye, Bye Birdie ?



Commercials on all of the Media is aimed at the Stupid General Public/on thehawkreport.com

All commercials are aimed at the uneducated public to increase a small percentage bottom line. The FTC can do little to stop it. The ‘AD World’ love it because they can operate in the area of mind physiology with freedom. The the poor get poorer and the product pushers take their bigger share. One thing about this country everybody reserves the right to be poor and stupid. So, the rich to get it and nothing changes. The astute have to watch AD-man equals the CON-man work his magic on the less fortunate and striving
Advertising will always will be here , but does it have to be so excruciating and painful to get a little attention to make a point.
To hit it big with an AD and put the world of consumers through the millions for your success. Advertising is costly, so when you buy a product or service you pay for it Dearly?

I forgot INFO Commercials. What a drag?

A forgiving living,

Peeping! The RNC should concentrate on taking the Senate/on thehawkreport.com

They can’t stop Pres. Obama from spending because he has all the money they can print from past programs.  Having a little control of the U. S. Budget could hamper his appetite to break the Country and lead to our demise.  We will suffer for some time from this continuing deficit.  Changing to a total Socialistic form of economy will eliminate our power and influence in the world.  The next election will tell the tale for us.

The Hawk

A Peep at Religion: After being born; the only salvation is death/on thehawkreport.com

Monks realize that is the reason for being in the monastery for the duration of their lives.  Total commitment to a religious edit from  God is the only way to the higher self.  Nothing is more important than a spiritual entity to the other life.  Be more subjective when evoking the Testaments of religious deities and be more human because you are in that part of eternity.  Know your place in the Godly world and be selfless and calm.

What after having nothing to do with the conception and waking up kicking my feet in the air.  What’s this?  Where am I?  What’s next?  Now I have to face this ungodly world with all my wit and charm.  I will have to learn how to survive and make the best of life and be a good person.

Eventhough Life is good:  it is a challenge.  Loving it.

TheHawkReport has alot of info about all kinds of interesting subjects, Check it out?