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Peeping? When Congress makes a Law the legality as to Constitution is then Reveiwed by the inhouse Lawyers/Chawk

However, the Supreme Court is the final arbitrator in any Law passed by Congress.  Therefore, the case never comes before the Court until after the fact by challenging it in a lower Court then on up to the Final decision of the High Court.  Also, Executive Orders should be challenged by the Court for Constitutionality, but this seldom happens.

Courts are always over loaded and these hearings never happen or are dismissed.  This means the legal possess is left to the stagnant and cause a time lapse for Justice.

Political appointed judges are also pron to be obedient to their appointing party lines and not true to their Constitutional Mandate.  This makes for injustice all down the line of their duties as final arbitrators.

One note:  “No law is Fair, Equal or Just”.  We are dealing such things as “A Nation govern by the Laws or Semantics”.

An Opinion by “A Non-lawyer Bird”! Hawk

Bird Watch? Is the Obama Administration seeking an alignment with Russia/onthehawkreport.com

The placement  of the defense  missiles in the European Theater would save the need for extensive troops deployment by NATO.  Russia is not a member, but could be a partner in their deployment.  Pres. Obama has been reaching out to Pres. Putin for an agreement after the 2012 election.  The reasoning could be the rising Power of China , north Korea and Iran with nuclear weapons.  The two largest nations on Earth could team together and offset imbalance of power.  Other changes to our Countries and World Order./onthe hawkreport.com.

C Hawk

Peking Peeping? The U.S. gives 48.6M to China as Foreign Aid/ on thehawkreport.com@HawkBrown

Why do we as taxpayers have to add to our deficit by adding more millions of dollars of Foreign Aid to China.  Billions are retained by Peking to build their economy and drive US into bankruptcy.   We already send 60% of our trade there and they buy our Treasury Bonds.  China owns us now.  How far do you want to go with charade?

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C Hawk