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Peep? “Can you sue on behalf of the ugly”?/on thehawkreport.com

I’m sure you can if you are Liberal or a Democrat. You can’t say anything detrimental about most anything in public or they(the Lawyers)will take away and all your means of survival.  The Courts are full of cases and Judges are always delaying the misstated Precious Rights of the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Politicians dwell on the ugly to be poor and broke, but their want the sympathy  vote.  You can sue if you don’t have anything and others have something or IT.

You can sue if your Right to be beautiful is infringed upon.  There tons of Laws on the books for you to protect your ugliness. You could gain your dastardly ugliness if you have been in prison and did ugly offenses.

I vote for suing in behalf of the UGLY.  It’s on the Ballot Nov. 6, 2012.  I’m sure.

Ugly American,

C Hawk:  ugh!


‘The Debate” Prediction on the MSM News/on tthehawkreport.com

Each side will declare to be the winner, but real losers are the people trying to make sense out of it and do the best for the country.  Politics being a fight of the lesser of two evils is not a gracious sport.  Predicting outcomes is even lesser than that of me ; so I predict a “Draw”. Next time experts will try again.

There are other non sporting events on this website.

Still looking for a newspaper to put under the cage? CHawk

Peeper! Pres. Obama does almost all his Diplomacy by Phone/on thehawkreport.com

Campaigning is different you need to travel around and touch the voters and get know them up front and act interested in their plights and trivializations.  Vote for me is a personal thing; I don’t need those World Leaders vote ; they already been elected.

Come by and see me sometime Barrack?

C Hawk

P.S. He don’t need AZ. So see later.

Peeping! GOP women are better looking/on thehawkreport.com

Sex appeal of women on television is necessary and attracts attention for all of the Medias.  Party political women should get the Male interest and maybe some influence.  An attractive Women is better to look at.

Democrats may win elections, but they lose on the Pretty Girls vote.

Here’s looking at you “Buefull”.

A pretty bird,


Peeping? Not everybody has the RIGHT to Vote/on thehawkreport.com

You only get to exercise your voting privilege when you are qualified.  Just being a live body is not enough.  The States determine if you can vote and not the Federal Government or a few Organized Special Entities in the Medias.  If you want to vote just show up cause anybody can vote as many times as they  choose.  Just go vote.  People will even help you;  nothing special just do it.

In the 2008 Presidential Election people voted illegally.  Close elections can be lost due to this phenomenon.  Of the 6 million voters there were dead people (over 6,000 in Texas alone) there were prisoners (they vote all the time) there were Foreigners(maybe 1 million or more)just because you are in a free Country like America you can vote.  You can try and they will take you vote.  What a Country?

It doesn’t matter if you are most unqualified voter in the World: you can vote in America.

It doesn’t matter what you are rich or Poor; what you look like’ smell like or what Parties you like some good special  interest  group will help.

So get an ID and elect the next President in America.

Lucky Bird,


Peeper! Obama already getting job offers/on thehawkreport.com

He will still get his pension and be influential.  I hear the U.N. wants him as Secretary General  It would be a good opportunity for him as  an organizer.

He could qualify for the position easily.

Offers could be pouring in soon and I hope he finds work.

A Rare Bird, Hawk

Peep! Pres. Obama refuses to meet with anyone even heads of State/on thehawkreport.com

He is afraid he will make a Gaffe and it could be used against him.  Teleprompter script o. K.. He will read all his speeches and not make any  screw ups until after the Debates.

I’m still wondering if can hold his own in a debate; Never had one. He may go the way of the wild goose.

Whats he going to talk about the Democrats were in charge in 2006 before Bush left.  Bush tried to stop  them , but couldn’t.  Talk about all the things I didn’t Do and promise to do better in the future. Lean Forward?

I know ” DON’T BLAME ME”

I got to visit my friends on MSM Celebrity Shows ; They Love Me?

a bird watch, C Hawk

Peeper! Pres. Obama wasting taxpayer dollars/on thehawkreport.com

The Pres. has spent 1.4 Billion Dollars on mostly personal expenses this year. This person lives better than his Playboy Celebrities in Hollywood.  No wonder they are jealous an envious of his lifestyle.  He is more of a faker than anyone ever even for the actors in the movies.

Pres. Obama will be nominated for the best actor of the year of 2012.

C Hawk

MAIN STREAM MEDIA(MSM)is not reporting Facts about the Obama Administration

They continue to be in bed with President Obama.  We know they are Liberal Democrats and receive Largess from the Treasury  and the Government Agencies in the form of good treatment from Regulators.  That’s their easier way doing business.

A way of not to follow along like sheep try to send people to Washington who are smarter than their Lobbyists. They are all ganged up on the real meaning of Free Enterprise>More on  thehawkreport.com


A rare  bird,

C Hawk


Peeping? Where’s the money going from QE3?/on thehawkreport.com

The Federal Reserve Bank will buy some of the Mortgages of the up side downers.   $40B every month until there is no end to this charade.   Who gets Lower Interest?  This will be determined by a Political appointee and will go only to people who can’t afford  to stay in their homes.  Otherwise only people who have stayed up on their payments will be left out.

This will stop this depression really?

An under water Bird,


“The Libyan Embassy Murders” A “Coverup” for sure/on thehawkreport.com@HillBuzz.com

There are other reasons for the killing of the Ambassador circulating on the internet.  Is the Truth known yet?  What did the Obama Administration do to cause this to happen?

Does the Obama people  hate Republicans and does he keep a Enemies List?  These questions should be asked very soon before Nov. 6, 2012

Some of the Facts have been circulated are the Ambassador was openly GAY.

I haven’t heard anymore on this.


Peep! Best Quote “I spent my money on Wine, Women and Song and the Rest I wasted”/@ thehawkreport.com

This from the Book “Clarence Darrow, the attorney of the damned” by John Farrel.

A great book for any new attorney starting out in the also mad world of the Law.  Catch it on C Span Book TV.  Good authors abound there.

From Hawk

Update PEEP! Remembering the 2012 Elections/on thehawkreport.com

Obama is ( NOT) living in his million dollar Beachfront home in Hawaii and (NO) rational Heads have taken over in Washington. Their is (NOT) a more moderate feeling that we can survive as a nation under  God with Liberty and Freedom for all. .  and the Sun still comes up over us and we can seek our life ambition.  The new Politicians act like real people and do the right thing for the country and consider their time in office as temporary and go back  home to work for a living.

The 2012 Elections really made a difference in our lives and we feel proud to be Americans.

Is this a Dream or am  I waking up? Oh,  no it is Nov. 7th and it all over.

Thank God,


Peep! Pres. Obama sends his Cronies to stir the Misinformation@thehawkreport

The Pres. is above the fray and gets  benefits from them and all the bias Media.  Who do you blame?  Not Me.   I just sign off on what Congress does and if you don’t like it. Blame them. I am the President and that other guy is just a Candidate.  I am the decision maker(like Bush) and if you don’t like it VOTE Me out.

Don’t forget I as President can change things by Executive Order.

Election Day is a coming Nov.6,2012.

Hawk in on Line.