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“AID FOR AMERICA” Is it coming from Others?on thehawkreport.com

When disasters strike around the world we are the first to help   I don’t think we will see any outpouring of financial help from China or Russia.  Maybe some will feel sorry for us,  but not much.  Being the World Power their is not much sympathy US.

We can handle it.


“Obama Tax Plan” Is Tax the Upper and Middle Classes/ on thehawkreport.com

You are not going to get money for the Poor and unemployed.  You need to change the Tax Code. The amount of debt of 16 Trillion Upwards to 65 trillion in liabilities.

Let’s face it The U.S. is Bankrupt.

No More Bird Seed,Hawk

Peeper! Coal Miners in Ohio and PA.are you voting for Obama?/on thehawkreport.com

Maybe not?  Pres.Obama  should be your friend, but he has other ideas about your industry.  If we don’t burn it : China will.

The President’s Clean Energy Policy is not one that favors Coal as the basic source of promise.  Even though He would freese this winter without it.

Simple mindness is one of this Prersident’s best qualities.

Finger Lickin” KFHawk

“STORM SANDY” could save Obama/on thehawkreport.com

If it doesn’t save him?  He could blame the weather and the “Acts of GOD” for him losing.  This Blameless President is not taking the wrap for failure.  Results are the only criteria for this $1.4 billion job and this is his legecy.

I know he has a life, but as President He has no Life.

A rare Bird,Hawk

Peep! Favorite Quote: I can handle failure, but it’s Success that gives me trouble>on thehawkreport.com

Some people like a good quote now and then.

Thehawkreport.com has a lot to offer.  See “Hey Sticky”


Peeping! Obama’s Campaign blasting their Liberal endorsements of Romney/on thehawkreport.com

If endorsements mean anything: Past Newspapers and Main Street Medias are not following like sheep and worshiping the Obama Deity as in the past.  Their are still enough misguided Liberal voters still not convinced that This One is it for them. ” He Promised” to take care of me in every way: “You know I have to vote for Him”. Did you forget the last Promises?

Obama Talk:  Don’t Blame Me; I just make the promises. It must been that other party or “Honest Abe” or just what politicians do.  Get elected and go on vacation.  Get Air Force One fueled up and let’s Vacate.

Just Flapping my wings. Hawk

Peeping! Romney’s Crowds increasing/on thehawkreport.com

Momentum  is following the Challenger with with number of interested voters at the Swing States Rallies.   A good sign for The GOP and all Republicans this election.

Don’t sell the Democrats Short they are bad losers and will find hidden votes in contested areas.  They have boxes probably left over from LBJ.

See “Democrats win at any costs” on this Website.

The Hawk

Peeper! East and West coast voters your votes are not secret?on thehawkreport.com

The Democrats already know how you are going to VOTE.  You are not in the play of the voting for President.  Only a few states are in the mix so what about that; your votes are determined.

So, what are you going to do about it.  Not vote or vote your conscious.



Peeper? Pres. Obama to Pardon Thousands From Prison/on thehawkreport.com

During the Lame Duck session Presidents always pardon people for humanitarian reasons.  This losing President will be unusually generous in his pardons.  There are a large number minorities in jail and he will let them out.  also he will clean up mistakes for his friends by Executive Order.

Good Luck  on your new job.



Peeping? How can this President continue to Spend?/on thehawkreport.com

Doesn’t Congress has anything to say about How much Obama is spending.  He spent more than all Past Presidents and continue to spend at about $50,000 a Second.

Who is approving this enormous spending?  We have no “BUDGET” “NO CONTROLS ON THIS OUTRAGEOUS SPENDING”.

Can this be stopped?


Co-President Hillary Clinton “Takes the Blame”/on thehawkreport.com

Only a Candidate for President”Obama”  and he really can’t be involved with this terrorist attack on us.  Other people are the responsible ones in charge.  I’m just the figure head of this country.  I read my teleprompter and that’s the way  it works.

When does this campaign end;  I need a vacation for a year or two. If I win it will be for more time off with Pay.  The most expensive President in the History  (1.4 Billion cost a year) just for me.

Blame Him,


OBAMA DEBATE TACTICS/on thehawkreport.com


Obama will try to say I’m the President and you are only a Candidate; how dare you question me as PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  He will try to stand above his inept performance as a debater and as a failed Leader of the country.  He will not succeed in uplifting himself above the Fray. The truth will bear out and his empty suit will be left on the empty chair.

REMEMBER elephants will never forget your broken promises and how you misled us. Also Obama you are only a Candidate and must show us why you should be re-elected.

A bird is Watching, Hawk

Peep! Getting to know Him: Romney?/on thehawkreport.com

After the DNC and the Obama Campaign spent over $100M dollars to tell the American Voters who Romney is or was; the truth finally came out.  The Main Street Media after taking the Money had to backup and tell the truth.

Obama is the worst President in History and Romney could do so much better.  If the voters don’t see this; we are headed for Bad Times.  The sinking ship of State has taken on a lot of DEBT, but maybe the Calvary can save US.

Will the Trumpets sound on Election Day Nov. 6 for us to return to prosperity.

Vote for the Eagle, Romney

By Hawk

Pres. Obama redirecting funds from Other Programs?/on thehawkreport.com

Past approved Funds from Programs are made available for his disbursement and not for special groups and people the Pres. wants  to support.  They are not designated for this money.  As the Chief Designator he can shift funds around to his Friends and Cohorts.  His main areas are Liberal to donators in Education, Business, Unions and Democratic non-profits .

This President does not like what Congress delivers.  However they expects him to carry out the Orders of Congress as the Chief Executive of our country.

He is a servant of the people of this country; really nothing else.

The bird Speaks, Chirp…Hawk

Biden shows the ABOMINATION of this President/on thehawkreport.com

Smirking Joe gives More “Deadwood” Ideas to failing President Obama Election possibility.  The Main Stream Media was glad they could have something to harp about even though it was not great it was an abomination .

I would not vote for him as VP.  Ryan would be a smarter and better Person for the Job.

We’ve done more “stuff” than you care to know about.  What kind of Stuff Joe?

More Ryan on this website









Biden: If anything good comes out of this Hope and Game Changer Debate/on thehawkreport.com

The GOOD would be that Biden Flops. He accuses Romney as a Flopper and blames everything on on some body else.

This is ” The most blameless President in history”.

By the way Obama is only an elected once an is a

candidate for President too.

The Bird Knows?

BIDEN DEBATE TACTICS ignore Ryan/on thehawkrport.com

Don’t even listen to Ryan and ignore all the well thought numbers for the Economy.

However, Trash Romney as an Extremist and Liar.  Romney isn’t in the same League as our beloved President.  He the greatest Person since Republican Lincoln.  How dare Romney challenge Obama with his $1.4 Billion dollar campaigning fund and a sitting President of this Nation of Immigrates.

By the way what could you expect from a fixed minded Democrat.

Small Bird in need of a Government Subsidy; a few million will do.



MORE BIDEN DEBATE TACTICS/on thehawkreport.com

As a political Juggernaut he will show fire in the belly to try and save a misguided presidency.

Sometimes the Politicians succeed in fooling the fair minded voters.

That’s Biden  game play”Fool Enough Voters into Keeping You on the Gravy Train”.

Don’t be a fool Voters it is obvious as to Both are at the end.

The Hawk.

Just a bird Peep!

Peep? Biden’s tactics are to Rip Romney?/on thehawkreport.com

Biden wants nothing to do with Ryan; he was to tear into Romney’s personal life and as successful  person in America.  He will elaborate his foresight into the Obama Presidency as a  function for the good of the country.

HE WILL blame the REPUBLICANS and say Pres. Obama is the best president ever  and should be on the new Penny.

Biden is a “Political Animal” and has been around Washington with no strings attached or shoe laces.  He became VP because he was washed up.

WE will miss you JOE!

The Bird

Peep! Why do Hollywood Stars poney up to Pres. Obama/on thehawkreport.com

Because they consider themselves “Struggling  Artist” even though they are rich.  They can donate in hopes of a return engagement.  It’s a job thing and being “A Star” is a fleeting thing so they boney up and Party down with the $1.4 billion dollar Man in Washington.

Also It takes a lot of risky money to make a film and they can get Money from the govt. which has excess money to give to the Arts Industry.

It’s big business and they need big hand outs from deep pockets.

It’s all on thehawkreport.com


Peep? The voters are looking to an alternative to Pres. Obama.on thehawkreport.com

What’s a nice guy like Romney doing running for President.  Don’t you know Politicians can’t really be nice they have to be detrimental to the other side of the Base.  They have to live by their words and sleep with all kinds bedfellows.  I tried it twice and I could not lie well enough.

I speak from my bill.  Hawk

Peeping! A BIG BIRD/on thehawkreport.com

I’m for real.  I speak for me an a few independent media types.  I don’t take Federal Funds and I eat Crow a lot.  I love to wallow in dirt and denounce it when I get to Squawk and Flap my wings.

A true and real bird. Hawk

Peep? Do you want to Move Forward with Failed America?/on thehawkreport.com

The Nation is going in the wrong direction and 4 more years of of Obama Care: we will go over the cliff.  This president refuses to work with other people to get anything done.

See other comments on theHawkreport.com/


Peeper?Public Polls show Democrats not voting for Obama/thehawkreport.com

Old Polls show 5% not voting before the debate; now it is upwards of 20%.  The private polling by the Democrats have the Campaign Handlers worried.  They may hire new people to help.

Things are a changing with this crowd of ill advisers.

The Bird


Peep? We do not elect Royalty:We only elect a President@HawkBrown@thehawkreport

The President is just another person with a Job to do even though it seems to be not the case with Obama. If he wants to be Our man in Washington doing the Mundane things as President; then he should get off his High Horse.

The rules don’t apply to “The Obama’s” ; “they only apply to the little people” Quote : “Michelle Obama at the 2nd Debate.  Clap! Clap!

Egomaniacs should not be our President of the WEE people of U.S.A..

That’s my take. …HAWK


Peeping? “Faking it is not working for President Obama”/@HawkBrown@thehawkreport.com

Also not working for the President is the Liberal Media Clowns calling Romney a Liar or Lying every time he Speaks.

The President has the means to be honest in his statements with the facts generated by his many Dept. Secretaries and has control of the so Media Bias.

The Americans deserve Better From this President.

Will WE get it or just more Gutter Politics.


PEEPING! If you want know about “LEO’ Obama get Internet Personal Horoscope/@thehawkreport.com

Even though the exact time of birth is not accurate; it is close enough. It is revealing and gives you a close look at his personality.  You won’t get any information from the Main Stream Media.

Ronald Reagan’s wife checked for him.

Also theorbitnetwork.com/

“The Hawk has Landed”

A bird.

Peeper! We don’t need no Stinking Voter ID/on thehawkreport.com

The Democrats  vote Early and Late making sure their vote counts.  If you don’t have a voter ID: you can show up and vote as many times as you like.  If you have a Voter ID you only get to vote once.  Ink my fingerplease?

The States have control over vote counting and The Federal Government can do little.  The States need to Identify and monitor the voting.  Cheating happens.

Where’s my mail in Bird Ballot?

C Hawk

Peep! What ever happened to Sam Steiger? R.I.P.@TheHawkReport

Remembering Sam for His many years of service and his TV and Radio programs.

Many thoughts

C Hawk

Peeping! Hair looks good on anyone?@thehawkreport

If it taken car of.  Men don’t want to spend the time and money on their balding head; they don’t even want to shave.  If they got it; they want to show it.  If they don’t have it they feel bald.

Some women say “They like bald Men”, but neither like bald women.  There must be something I missed.

Not A Bald Eagle

Just a Hawk