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NOW I’M MOVING TO ARIZONA: Good idea/on thehawkreport.com

New Yorkers and Jerseyites are moving to a safe haven in Arizona.  The weather is nice the year round; no more tsunamis or tornadoes or FEMA outrages.  Dry and warm sheets at night; run around in shorts the year round; two to five hours to all seasons of climate. You East Coasters don’t move to FL.:  it’s wet and humid and windy: Move to a place where you can stay warm and live twice as long.  It’s even better than California.  Low taxes, fresh vegetables and drugs from Mexico and learn to speak Spanish.  You can’t beat it.  At least you should have a second cheap home here.

If you LOVE NY: stay there, but remember I warned you.  Ketch a plane today.

Where the Bird flies today!


Peep? Gold traders-Marketeers are making huge profits because Gold is 5 times the Price to Produce/on thehawkreport.com

Gold bugs are knocking down large salaries with the increase interest in gold.  They have been waiting around for years to see the price to get over $3oo an Ounce.  As commodities go Gold is not a useful Medal because it has very few uses except for coinage and jewelry.

Type “Gold” in the search Spot and get all the comments


Who’s running in 2016? Ted Cruz newly elected Senator from Texas/on thehawkreport.com

The Republicans need a new leader and Sen. Cruz fits the bill for a run at higher office.  He has some of the Cards Pres. Obama had and could use the same issues that the Obama campaign used.  New to the Washington crowd; he could be a real factor in the Presidential RACE.

Rumors are flying like a Bird/


Peeper! The End is Nigh according to”The Mayan Calendar”. Is it True?/on thehawkreport.com

According to the Mayans the earth will have some type of catastrophic upheaval.  It could be a magnetic anomaly or a  polar change. If any diastrophism in the earth’s outer layer happens it would would cause death and destruction of magnitude  proportions.  Nature will seek a balance and return to an equilibrium.

Remember it is just a Calendar and nothing will happen.

My guess.> Hawk

Peep! Reason to be Thankful: A new opportunity is Ahead/on thehawkreport.com

All set backs in any area of Life and Politics is an opportunity to start a new course for the better.  Remember any time you met defeat in the world ; you came back and overcame your feelings of anxiety.

My Quote: I can handle Failure; it”s Success that gives me trouble.  Don’t forget it. I got to go to work now.


Peeper? Why do we need CZARS IN THE WHITE HOUSE?/on thehawkreport.com

Are we going back in time to the Soviet Socialist Republics? Or is this President not telling US what he has in mind for our So called Free Society?  Or is this the END of Capitalism? Or we in for 4 years of decline as the worlds greatest experiment in human history?

Do the Democrats know they will go down with US?  Where will they go if the end of the country is nigh?

Where do you Democrats turn to save your hides too?

Questions and more questions; Looking for answers.

A wise old Owl,


Peeping! Unions are O.K./on thehawkreport.com

It’s like any thing else to much power and power does you in.  Unions do some good and represent the workers and deal with Management.  Money is always the problem.  The cost of business and profits to the investors is never fair, so unions ameliorate inequalities somewhat.

Jobs come and go and no job is forever.  It’s like every thing else you should look at the lose as an opportunity.

A Rare Bird.


Peeping? Do away with the costs of “RETIREMENT PLANS”?/on thehawkreport.com

Or work till you die.

Retirement is a misnomer: the word means “Death” or approaching the end of life.  Besides that you got nothing to do and that is not good. Golf is not the answer.

Let the people decide what they want to do and figure how they want to live out their lives .

Save Social Security and Obama Care  Also provide for the very poor and indigent and the people without the necessities of life.

Governments should not decide for people.  “No more Govrnment supported  retirement plans for anybody”.  That’s the only thing that causes the bankruptcy of all Governments And  Businesses.  The costs are prohibitive and is to drive the deficit to no end in sight. The Congress could do it overnight or on the weekend.  No more future retirees and no more debt.

How does a Bird Retire? He doesn’t!


The “Vortex of Calamity”/on thehawkreport.com

The newly elected “World President Obama” traveling around with Co-president Clinton to solve the worlds problems or just to visit and soak up the “Grandeur of Royalty”.

You have to admit that Our President is taking his job seriously as the most illustrous and well known human being  in history.  Good show!

Also, he waves at US when he leaves and let’s us know he is on the job.  The real question is what is he doing to save us from “Failing off the Cliff” .

Should I worry; you can bet your life I do?



“Have the Democrats found the Secret”/on thehawkreport.com

After winning the last election with the Black vote, the Hispanic vote and the poor and others.  Just maybe, they have the combination for future victories.  They have bought and paid for these voters from the U.S. Treasury by promising complete susstanibility in the future.

I predict another Black or Hispanic for the Presidency in 2016.  How about Cruz or Rubio or by the way Rubio is already running in Iowa six days after the election.  Start early and win later; will the Blacks vote in lock step with the Hispanics or will it be another fiascio.

Just another Bird view, Hawk

“Hey Sticky” What do Rich people worry about and are afraid of the most?/on thehawkreport.com

Guess what? They worry about being poor again and they are afraid; they

remember. Hawk

Check out “Hey Sticky” on the hawkreport.com; a real Bird.

Peeping? “CAN YOU BELEIVE” 4 more years with this President?/on thehawkreport.com

Half the country will be out of their minds.

Most of the so called “Rich” will have fled the country or taken their money for overseas storage.  Very few people will have jobs and the nonworking poor will be living high on the hog and hamming it up. The successful will be casts as socially uneceptable and outcasts and against saving the Earth and nonhumans.  All LAWS will be modified to suit the lawyers and changed for the indegenerate and the mentally challenged.  Religion shall be put aside for a less bothersome lifestyle and morals will be tanked because they get in the way of what you really want in life.

When you wake up from the hangover; you will say””what happened to the good Life before “OBAMA”” ?


bye,bye Bird



Peep! There is no reason to be an uninformed Voter Today/on thehawkreport.com

Even though the Nation is closely divided their is ample information to select a valid democratic government. The Parties seem to cause  limit access to truthful information to make  sound vote and limit the accuracy of the Candidate.  Today there is plenty ways to be an informed voter.

No excuses.


Where’s CONGRESS?/on thehawkreport.com

Now that the election is over”It’s deal making time”. Six weeks to straighten out the mess in Washington.  Changes have to be made to pay for our dis functioning  government.  Surely their are some reasonable people left for a compromise for US.

Divided elections are the NEW wave of governing .  Let honesty prevail.

The president is only one entity of this struggle> Where are your guts>


waiting for obama funding/on thehawkreport.com

The money for the poor and the weak in our society is a coming.  The reverse of the social injustice is to be mandated by the Obama Administration.  WE will become a nation of Minority Rule.  The Rich and middle class will have to pay more for this because they have had it so good.

We need more pain and unhappiness for the struggling Rich and level the playing field.  The minority need a shot at running things for a while; of course that goes against our Constitution:  who cares? It’s time to Change that.  I am the DECIDER  I am your new President next to”GOOD”; I Mean”GOD”.

Where’s Congress is next on thehawkreport.com?

Waiting for “OBAMA funding”

I been a Bad Bird?

No seed,a dead bird>Hawk

Peeping! No jobs, don’t want to work: Waiting for Obama Funding?/on thehawkreport.com

Why work?  The next 4 years of sabbatical: we should be just fine.  A no work ethnic with OBAMA FUNDING taking over.  The government can afford to take care of us and we can be content to live our lives as we choose.  The President promised?

I need a vacation?  Maybe I’ll fly to Europe or Asia?

Flapping  away,


Peeping ! There is nothing MORAL about Politics; It’s gettin the most votes and let’smake a deal/on thehawkreport.com

Politics is scary and Politicians are after your vote  and self grandisement of themselves.

A Bird

Peep! Obama Re-elected: Now we can live off of the Fat of the Land/ON thehawkreport.com

Since The Pres. has been given 4 more years to do something to put in His Library.  What can be happening?

Talking to someone other than his wife or getting more honest people around him and listening to them and dealing with the Congress as if they should be consulted on matters of government.


It will be difficult, but it can be done.  Let’s Pray!

The Hawk

Update Peeping! The Democrats are the Masters at vote rigging?/on thehawkreport.com

It’s TRUE 57 precincts in Philadelphia had no votes for Romney.  All black voters 90,000 of them.  In Utah no votes for Obama of 79 votes.

What is interesting is they insist that the Republicans are the Cheaters because they are ones engaged in fixing elections.  In close elections as in recent history the Democrats been even more aggressive in early rigging and post-rigging large group of voters.  That’s how they win elections and always having a suddenly found selective  number of votes to carry them over the top.

Politicians are not MORAL.  It’s the one who counts  the most votes wins no matter where they came from.

The Democrats have a history of stealing elections, but they accuse the Repulicans of their discretion openly hoping to deflect their cheating ways.

An as History has so depicted; they continue to get by with it.

Hawk, Did you see a D-bag marked “Use in case you are losing”.

Bley Me?

Peeper! How can any rational AMERICAN vote for Obama’s Record/on thehawkreport.com

either they are Blind as a bat or they don’t care about themselves  or others.  This is apparent even to like minded Politicians.  Even the People voting for Obama are not able to see this is not working for anyone.  Even the misguided Fringe voters are worried about this as a solution to problems of this country.

Waste your vote; Vote for Obama and 4 more years of Hell.

A burnt to a crisp, Bird

Martha McSally CD-2 Tucson,AZ./on thehawkreport.com

Take Note: Tucson voters McSally A better choice for the U.S. Congress.  The short term Ron Barber is in now,: he said he would not run for the office; now he said he will.

McSally has all the qualification to represent Tucson and Arizona.

The Hawk Knows.

Peeper! How can even a Liberal vote for a failed President?/on thehawkreport.com

The hearts of Liberals must be the only answer.  Voting for a failed leader just because they are Republican or Democrat makes a little sense.  Liberals are in a Sub-human group of Species not known for intelligent thoughts.  They dwell in the abstract and are idiots.  Political  plunder is their game and not a civil option.

Liberals are not happy and will never be satisfied.

A sad Bird. Hawk

Peeper? How Can Pres. Obama be re-elected if hatred exist?/on thehawkreport.com

If the unelected president dislikes 1/2 of the people or more in the country; how can he govern? He doesn’t like the rich and successful and doen’t intend to work Congress and with any part of  the U.S. Constitution  He has made his bed now let him lie in it.

Obama as a Leader is a total mistake and should not be re-elected.



Peep! Romney Wins? Obama’s 100 Lawyers to file instant Voter Fraud Paperwork/on thehawkreport.com

In a close election the Power of the presidency to call for fraud and sue the States Election Aurthority as a means to declare the vote VOID.  Don’t under estimate this President;  he will never declare Romney the winner.  He will declare it was stolen from him at the least.

It is unbelivable how far this President will go?

Other Comments on this website.

A sad Bird