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Update Peeping! The Democrats are the Masters at vote rigging?/on thehawkreport.com

It’s TRUE 57 precincts in Philadelphia had no votes for Romney.  All black voters 90,000 of them.  In Utah no votes for Obama of 79 votes.

What is interesting is they insist that the Republicans are the Cheaters because they are ones engaged in fixing elections.  In close elections as in recent history the Democrats been even more aggressive in early rigging and post-rigging large group of voters.  That’s how they win elections and always having a suddenly found selective  number of votes to carry them over the top.

Politicians are not MORAL.  It’s the one who counts  the most votes wins no matter where they came from.

The Democrats have a history of stealing elections, but they accuse the Repulicans of their discretion openly hoping to deflect their cheating ways.

An as History has so depicted; they continue to get by with it.

Hawk, Did you see a D-bag marked “Use in case you are losing”.

Bley Me?