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waiting for obama funding/on thehawkreport.com

The money for the poor and the weak in our society is a coming.  The reverse of the social injustice is to be mandated by the Obama Administration.  WE will become a nation of Minority Rule.  The Rich and middle class will have to pay more for this because they have had it so good.

We need more pain and unhappiness for the struggling Rich and level the playing field.  The minority need a shot at running things for a while; of course that goes against our Constitution:  who cares? It’s time to Change that.  I am the DECIDER  I am your new President next to”GOOD”; I Mean”GOD”.

Where’s Congress is next on thehawkreport.com?

Waiting for “OBAMA funding”

I been a Bad Bird?

No seed,a dead bird>Hawk