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Peeping? “CAN YOU BELEIVE” 4 more years with this President?/on thehawkreport.com

Half the country will be out of their minds.

Most of the so called “Rich” will have fled the country or taken their money for overseas storage.  Very few people will have jobs and the nonworking poor will be living high on the hog and hamming it up. The successful will be casts as socially uneceptable and outcasts and against saving the Earth and nonhumans.  All LAWS will be modified to suit the lawyers and changed for the indegenerate and the mentally challenged.  Religion shall be put aside for a less bothersome lifestyle and morals will be tanked because they get in the way of what you really want in life.

When you wake up from the hangover; you will say””what happened to the good Life before “OBAMA”” ?


bye,bye Bird