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Peeping? Do away with the costs of “RETIREMENT PLANS”?/on thehawkreport.com

Or work till you die.

Retirement is a misnomer: the word means “Death” or approaching the end of life.  Besides that you got nothing to do and that is not good. Golf is not the answer.

Let the people decide what they want to do and figure how they want to live out their lives .

Save Social Security and Obama Care  Also provide for the very poor and indigent and the people without the necessities of life.

Governments should not decide for people.  “No more Govrnment supported  retirement plans for anybody”.  That’s the only thing that causes the bankruptcy of all Governments And  Businesses.  The costs are prohibitive and is to drive the deficit to no end in sight. The Congress could do it overnight or on the weekend.  No more future retirees and no more debt.

How does a Bird Retire? He doesn’t!