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NOW I’M MOVING TO ARIZONA: Good idea/on thehawkreport.com

New Yorkers and Jerseyites are moving to a safe haven in Arizona.  The weather is nice the year round; no more tsunamis or tornadoes or FEMA outrages.  Dry and warm sheets at night; run around in shorts the year round; two to five hours to all seasons of climate. You East Coasters don’t move to FL.:  it’s wet and humid and windy: Move to a place where you can stay warm and live twice as long.  It’s even better than California.  Low taxes, fresh vegetables and drugs from Mexico and learn to speak Spanish.  You can’t beat it.  At least you should have a second cheap home here.

If you LOVE NY: stay there, but remember I warned you.  Ketch a plane today.

Where the Bird flies today!