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PRE-ELECTION RESULTS Here on thehawkreport.com

The Democrats have lost 1/3 of the voters from the recent Election.  This breaks down to an average of 40/60% and the Republicans taking both the House and the Senate.  Both Political parties are predicting better outcomes than they believe will happen, but the “Perils of Obama” has run them off the cliff and into the view of the stout heart’ ed “Tea Party”.   The politicians left will have to do the right thing or leave for  less greener pastures.

Welcome to my World!

The BIG SURPRISE ?  “O”DONNELL” WINS” in Delaware.  Mark Here _X…Plop

Hawk you are Out on a Limb.  So don’t stand under my limb?

Hawky poo  to you too?

Bye, Bye Bird_____PLOP*

U.S. MARKET predictions are on thehawkreport.com

All good comments you can use.  Type “Stocks” in the search block upper left.

Stocks should dive 20% before the end of 2012.

The Hawk

Peeping? World Markets to “Bubble Down” during the next Four months/Check it out on thehawkreport.com@HawkBrown

The U. S. stock market should be down when it is up and up when it’s down.

It only reflects the trades made by big Institutions and market traders with

super  computer trades.

That’s the nature of the beast.  It is overvalued considering  all the negatives

in the economy.   The reason the stocks are up is because the companies have

laid off workers and free money from the stimulus.

All world markets get hit by the September/December melt down this Year, but they are up because of QE3.  Money creates Money and we got to get money when you can.

The 1012 Elections could depress world business activities could cause a big dip in oil, gold and stocks, maybe a Depression.

If the DOW goes down and average of 100 points a day the market will be at 9500 by the end of the year.

Hold on to your bird seed money.