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Commercials on all of the Media is aimed at the Stupid General Public/on thehawkreport.com

All commercials are aimed at the uneducated public to increase a small percentage bottom line. The FTC can do little to stop it. The ‘AD World’ love it because they can operate in the area of mind physiology with freedom. The the poor get poorer and the product pushers take their bigger share. One thing about this country everybody reserves the right to be poor and stupid. So, the rich to get it and nothing changes. The astute have to watch AD-man equals the CON-man work his magic on the less fortunate and striving
Advertising will always will be here , but does it have to be so excruciating and painful to get a little attention to make a point.
To hit it big with an AD and put the world of consumers through the millions for your success. Advertising is costly, so when you buy a product or service you pay for it Dearly?

I forgot INFO Commercials. What a drag?

A forgiving living,

OBAMA does not know HOW to cut? on thehawkreport.com.

This person is not capaible of facing a simple reduction in government spending. As a Legally educated PROGESSIVE Individual: He is not indicative to our historcal Free Capitalistic System. Government should regulate and be the solution to almost all the things that determine our lives.
A NO FAIL SOCIETY is not an American enigma. An all socially dependent person is back to Serfdom or Slavery.

I Protest!!